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04 February 2007

Physician, Cure Thyself

Go ahead and admit it.. Repeat after me: "I am an Amerikan Turk"


metin said...

some people are totally in love with themselves i think. but in a contradictory way. identity-crisis any1?

derinsular said...


'If' they are prepared for you to criticize their country, then so should you...

The article sounded arrogant to me.

Ardent said...

What surprises me about Mainland Turks is that they never fully intergrate into the country of origin. They only think they do. Now I am talking about Turks in Australia.

They will say that they are Aussies, but their actions speak differently. When they invest they generally prefer to invest in Turkey. When they pass away, 90% of Mainland Turks send the body back to Turkey for burial. Now that is so odd.

Turkish Cypriots began immigrating to Australia in the late 1940's early 1950's. So there are 3rd and 4th generation Cypriot Turks here. They certianly see themselves as Aussies, as they invest in Australia and are buried in Australia.

What I have also found about Mainland Turks in Australia, is they all have satellite TV, so they get all the Turkish TV channels. If you want to discuss an important Australian political issue with them, they haven't heard about it, because all they do is watch Turkish TV. They know everything in Turkey but no news that affects them directly.

Another thing that ticks me off, is they talk about Turkish movies stars like they know them or they're related. For heavens sake get a life!

A Turk can be truly considered an American or an Australian when:-
1. Conversations you have in your dreams are conducted in English and not Turkish.
2. The majority of nvestments are conducted in the country that you reside.
3. English speaking television is your first preference.
4. Knowledge and discussion of local politics is greater than Turkish politics.

Furthermore I feel really agitated that Gamze the MOST Turkish Entrantress is not accepting comments on her blog site. Gamze don't be a spoilt sport, I love your posts, but I refuse to read them if I cannot comment. TURN IT BACK ON. We love YOU.

metin said...

Ardent: Totally in agreement with you in all your points about Turks and integration. I've addressed some of these on my blog in the past, (to no avail I think,) as far as integration vs. assimilation vs. neither.

Maybe a 'discard-ization' avenue like the one Gamze is speeding on is a wake-up call for Turks to wake up and smell the . . . NOT!

I think most Turks would have the 'your loss, not mine' attitude, unfortunately.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin Ardent, Derin, read this post:
You have to give us some credit here. I've never met a Turk in the US with such an acid tongue towards inter-marriage of Turks and "foreigners".

metin said...

What about Turks and Armenians . . . or Greeks . . . or Jews.

OK if you're both American, but how is it perceived in Turkey if you did? And even by some, if not most Turkish-Americans.

Especially by those who seem to delight in adopting the others' religion. Sure the Muslim Turks rejoice when it is the German bride who becomes 'Muslim.' But does the shoe fit when the 'typical' male Turk ends up becoming say, a Greek Orthodox.

Ardent said...

Murat, that Hellenic nationalist is totally insane and offensive.

Not only do the Nationalist Greeks hate Turks but anyone who is not ethnically pure like themselves.

My mother always complains that when the Island of Cyprus was divided all the Turks had to move to the North of the Island. But my Grandparents property was on the South of the Island. So my mother moans that their family lost all their property (120 donums), livestock, home, tractors, etc. Instead of feeding this emotion of loss I try and make my mum feel better with comparisons that makes her Loss not seem so big.

I say, "Mum OK your family lost the ciftlik, but have some compassion for the Greeks, they LOST Constantinople!"

My dad finds that funny, Maybe we are also sick. Who knows.

Ardent said...


What surprises me about that dumb Hellenic nationalist is that he talks about the virtues of drinking Salep.

Well Salep in a Turkish drink. It is made from dried Orchid Tubers collected from the Toros Mountains.

Unusual for a Turk Hater.