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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

26 February 2007

Race Report: Long Beach Circuit Race

Surprisingly, I still had some gas in the tank for Sunday's race. My head was filled with some doubt because the master's event included former national champions galore, among the 130 or so competitors. Even so, and even though my legs were very sore from riding 200 miles in three short days, I had little trouble in the first 40 minutes. The speed was sensational, that is, for the month of February. The course is basically a flat 3 mile dog leg along the coast , with a hairpin at one end and a rotary at the other. Ran into Mark McCormack before the start, he finished a very respectable 4th, considering the caliber of the field. As for me, just as I was starting to feel warmed up, loose and relaxed, a major pile up occurred, (right in the 40th minute) taking out about a dozen racers. This was on a perfectly straight, flat road with a tail wind, so the guys who hit the deck were going 35 mph at the time. I had to grab both brakes pretty hard and came to a dead stop to avoid joining the blood and gore. Broken collarbones, shredded skin, bikes snapped in two.. Murat was happy to stay upright, but now chasing back up to the front of the field was more or less a pipe dream. Myself and a few others worked together, drilling it for a few minutes to the start/finish area, but they announced at the start that all 'dropped' riders would be pulled, so we were whistled off the course. Little did the official know that there was a crash that split the field. I was upset about being pulled, but very happy that I had the legs to race with 130 very fit, very strong masters racers. Needless to say, avoiding a trip to the hospital was nice too. Those guys who went down were crying in pain.. Speed of that kind isn't reached until June where I live. My off-season training program is really showing it's benefits.
Here is a video clip from Friday's ride, going from San Filipe towards our car, which was parked half way between Julian and Borrego Springs. It's hard to tell, but we're going between 35 and 40 mph because of the gusting winds and the gentle grade. It took us 60 minutes to ride out, only 20 minutes to return. You are viewing the return trip of course. The ride out to San Filipe was a 10 mph death march, uphill, into gusting 40 mph winds. Enjoy.


gewilli said...

dude - i've watched the first few seconds and i need a dramamine(sp) wooooozy...

funny - ya reg'd for BKR yet?

dbadioxide said...

You ROCK man! So much live in the video, I loved it. Thank you very much for sharing. So cool.

Vladimir said...

What do you think of the statements of Kenan Evren

Murat Altinbasak said...

gewilli: what's BKR? Battenkill Roubaix? That's insane. Sick dirt road climbs and shit. I'd be pack fodder.

dba: I hoped you would enjoy it. Thanks :)

vladimir: Which statements? The ones from 27 years ago about dividing Turkey into eight 'states'? Sorry my finger is not on the pulse of these matters lately. Please educate me or give a link.