America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

25 February 2007

Reporting From San Diego

So much to tell you about! First the BAD:
I was given a laptop by my employer, so that I can check e-mail and so forth.. But since our IT department treats the internet like some diseased mutant monkey with two heads and fifteen arms, the machine I was given was armed to the gills with anti-tampering measures.. In laymen's terms, it is impossible to reconfigure the internet settings such that I can use this hotel's free broadband service. Nor can I upload any of the great pictures or videos I've taken over the past few days. I even went to Barnes and Noble today to try the WIFI of my laptop, and wasted an hour trying to get it to work. Not only are heads going to roll, when I return to work next week, but I am sooo ready for a Mac ibook or whatever. I'm so pissed about this I want to smash the machine into 1000 pieces and mail them to our IT guy. Thanks for giving me the ten pound 'door stop' to hump around, as if I don't have enough to carry on this trip. So how am I able to post this? Well my room mate also brought his laptop and he has one of those wireless cards that work anywhere...
Besides the death march of a bike ride we did yesterday into 50 mph gale force winds, everything has been going pretty well otherwise. We're staying at the Miramar Marine Air Base, in a decent hotel room for a good price. In the past three days, we've ridden 180 miles, through some of the most scenic and challenging roads ever seen. Today we hooked up with the San Diego Bicycle Club and rode with their "A" group- consisting of at least 100 riders. Let me tell you, they are FAST for this time of year (if winters in New England were this nice, I'd be fast too). Anyway, I was put to my limit several times during today's ride, while everyone else seemed to be having an easy time with the pace. It was fast. Where I live, the training rides don't reach that level until June.
Tomorrow we drive north to Long Beach to compete in the Long Beach Circuit Race, and event which immediately precedes a PRO race- the final stage of the Tour of California. With so many miles, so much ride time crammed into three days, we're pretty fried and have little hope of being serious contenders tomorrow. My goal is to finish without being dropped from the main field. The prize list is 15 places deep.. If my legs didn't feel like over-cooked chicken, I might have had a chance to crack top fifteen. I'm still cautiously optimistic. You have to be. Regrettably, the exertion of the past few days has caused some pain in the IT band of my right knee, and some tenderness under the knee cap. This has happened before and it takes a few weeks to clear up. Better now than in May though.. After tomorrow's race, we'll finish up out training camp with many hours of very easy light spinning, nothing like the first few days where we really pushed it harder than we should have..
Hoping to have a meal at one of the local Turkish restaurants, maybe Monday.. By the time we leave we'll probably have about 300 miles ridden in the course of five days. Need to take it easy from here on out though (except for tomorrow's race of course)
San Diego is a place I can definitely relocate to though. I am stunned at the beauty of this place. New England is a pile of puke in comparison.


Ardent said...

Good Luck!

dbadioxide said...

Sounds very colorful. Can't wait to see the photos/videos. Take care my friend and I wish you fun fun fun.

Oguz said...

MA, you posted something on Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam a while back. I can't seem to find it in your archives, would you be so kind as to link that post for me again?

Murat Altinbasak said...

ardent: Thanks for the sentiment.

dba: I posted a Flikr badge in the sidebar (if the sidebar APPEARS! Grrrr.) Lots of cool photos from San Diego for you there.

oguz: Let me take a look and see if I have any better luck.