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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 February 2007

Time to "Get back on the Stick': The Guide to Turkish Blogs Continues

First a [short] re-Cap:
The Infidel: Playing the 'genocide' record in reverse Latest: George Carlin is the Best
Gulay, Galatasaray, and the Dogs Latest: Turkey's Finest Strike Again
The Need To Know Latest: (Due out in March)
And on to my latest discovery: Live From Gybria
I hate to start out with any sort of jab, but Emre is undeniably blessed with a surname which no doubt caused him as much grief as I experienced in grade school (They called me Mewrat "Applebasket", they called my sister "Elifant", they called my brother "Ali, Ali, Ali, get your adverbs here" a la Schoolhouse Rock) Did I ever mention my wife's friend Janet? She's married to someone with the surname 'Boy', first name 'Ufuk'. Sounds like a Bart Simpson prank to Moe's Tavern.. Yes I digress into left field.. but to prove to you that I actually read Emre's delightful story-telling, here are the posts I enjoyed most: Meeting the Imam and An Unusual Car Ride and Gift Ideas From Gybria and Bring on the Cold!
That is all I will say this time.. except for: "More photos please, Emre!" and "What the heck is Gybria?"


Emre Peker said...


Thanks for the acknowledgement. I''m working on photos, hopefully I'll have a less word-driven site soon. But, who knows.

As for my last name, yes, it has potential, but it caused me less grief than imagined - so far at least.

Finally, this is where gybria comes from:


Murat Altinbasak said...

My pleasure anytime.. Just know that we're watching your blog for even the slightest anti-Turkish remark.. Totally kidding. It's all good.
If you had gone to elementary school here in the States, you would have been harrassed a lot for your surname. I'll bet a lot of people pronounce it like the name "Peter", (which ironically means the same thing as "pecker". I am totally not picking on you. I just find this stuff interesting.
I read part of your story about gybria, but had to turn my virgin eyes away at the part about the mushrooms. Kidding. I have to finish reading it though, and will.
Thanks again.
Please link to me and any other Turkish blog which you find in my blogroll. And definitely join our Amerikan Turks Yahoo Group. (Look for red/blue badge in the sidebar)

Jake Olson said...

Jackpot! I've been looking for blogs in English about Turkey. It looks like I found the source. Your blog list is very impressive. I've been writing a blog about life in Turkey from a Foreign Perspective for a couple months now and have been looking for like minded (or like-topiced) bloggers. I'm lucky to have found yours through the IstanbulExpat site.

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