America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

04 March 2007

Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Turkish Blogs-Volume 3 Final Episode 1 of 2

Here's the latest activity in the A thru J portion of the Turkish blog matrix:
A Foreign Perspective Check the view from his balcony. To die for.
A Space Odyysey in English Flat-lining since November
Aegean Disclosure Movie reviews and why "Dark hands have chosen Turkey" (2/14)
almost turkish recipes Mouth-watering Puff Pastries
and misadventures of Adventures from Delhi to Bangalore, if only the whole post would display! Goodly written.
Athanasia's Daily Besides a horoscope posted on 2/18 Burcu's blog is flat-lining
Baris's World Look at this mess.. Page is only 1/2 full, and everything's just all over the place. Like Ziddi's blog, done poorly.
Beton Dans gives us reviews of five movies I'd no intention of seeing, until now (2/12)
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook Recipe for Bread with black olives
Carpetblogger Will be visiting us State-side this week. Read a good TO DO List No cow tipping?
crebro Meltem is sparring with a Kung Fu grasshopper of her own it seems. One of Ebru's favorite blogs.
dbadioxide Dilek frets about the Ungdomshuset while battling a cold (Just finishing one myself)
De Review De-what?? Where are De-links?
Derin Sular Serdar's blog celebrates 2 years of publishing, and don't miss the 11 part series: "Lale Devri'nden Günümüze Bireysel Haklar", if your Turkish reading comprehension isn't as weak as mine is.
Energy Newsletter TURKEY I learned more about lignite powered power plants in 2 minutes, than ever
Erkan's field diary Erkan is smiling ear to ear since Besiktas' latest conquest against loser Glatasaray. Here is a fine picture from the game.
Fabulous Finds Chairs, lighting, other furniture.. Nergis is an invisible mute, as always, hasn't responded to a simgle comment I've ever left.
Farid's crazy world... Our half Turkish brother blogs from Azerbaijan.. Happy belated birthday!
Fenerbahce Worldwide Nathan in Louisville (pronouced "Loo-vl") blogging about a Turkish team like no Turk has ever blogged.
Feridun in Japan Check out the largest tramp stamp you ever saw.. Feridun has a Flickr badge I need to check out.
fikirbaz:com New addition here. I'm a big fan and customer of IKEA, so the latest post got my attention.
GeWilli Bad-ass New England bike racer with a Canadian twang. Everything is from the heart at Geoff's blog, which is why it's on my daily "must-visit" list.
Global Voices Online Turkey Deborah- the original name-dropper, getting it done.
Gulay, Galatasaray and the dogs What could be finer than a husband & wife who share a passion for soccer and who blog together? The parents of new-born Leana are lucky indeed.
Hakan Aydin Covers Mehmet Okur's All-Star Game appearance
Icarus Redeemed Celal proves that his glass is (almost) half-full
ignore me if you can Idil is terrorized by things that go thump in the night (My house has 44 windows, 20 of which are on the ground floor, so I sort of know how you feel)..(You mis-spelled 'cry')
James in Turkey Covers recent comments by Kenan Evren and the ubiquitious "Burasi Turkiye" mantra.
Jepalert - news from Turkey A half-decent news-feed-site.. Sorry, it's not really a blog unless you link to other blogs..
Joe's Ramblings Joe was recently Boing-boinged! Love when that happens. (I got Sullivaned and Malkined a few times, it's cool) Joe's latest pictures and videos from Pakistan are awesome.

Coming soon: K through Z!


dbadioxide said...

Hey you, thank you very for mentioning about my tiny blog or post.

I remember once you asked for a template for 3 column template, hope I dont remember wrong. If you still interested to do something like that, I think this one below might help:

Gulay said...

just been looking at the flikr set of your san diego trip....jealous just about sums it i am with the extra 15lbs form the Yuengling and Taco Bell to still get rid of and its freezing in NJ

Gulay said...

of course its the husband talking.....

Sean said...

how low can Turkey go?

Murat Altinbasak said...

dba: it's my pleasure. Wish I could do more, really. You remember correctly, I wanted a 3 column template. But these days my template is acting really screwy so I may defer that plan for a little bit. Thanks for the link.

Andy: Next year you should take a week off and meet me for 2008's training camp. Maybe SD again, maybe New Mexico, or even Texas.

Idil said...

I certainly didn't misspell anything! The post was about crime hence why I played with words but you're too old to see that :(
Bad Murat!



Murat Altinbasak said...

Too old?! Oh!, I'm heart-broken. You're no spring chicken either!!!