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23 March 2007

Hrant Dink: Water Finds It's Crack

We suffer from serious illness due to the poor relations between our people, Turks and Armenians... Armenians live in an unshakable state of paralysis, while Turks live with an uncurable paranoia. We both require clinical assistance.. Who will help to cure us? Is this the responsibility of French Parliament? Or of the United States Congress? Who will prescribe an antidote? Which doctor will diagnose our condition? My answer is this: Armenians must help to cure Turks and Turks must help to cure Armenians. Without exception, there is no other prescription, no other doctor and no other effective treatment.
Speaking openly, to the Armenian Diaspora, I reach out to you and say that you should not anchor yourselves to the year 1915. Do not let the world's acceptance or rejection of genocide imprison you. Is this history painful to you? We lived it, our forefathers lived it. There is an old Anatolian saying.. [We consider ourselves to be Anatolian]
"If we must carry baggage which causes us pain and hardship, we must hoist it upon our backs and carry it honorably, without complaint or protest"
I say to the world: Whether you accept and recognize or whether you dismiss and reject the Armenian Genocide, means absolutely nothing to me..
Did Armenians kill Turks? Yes they did in the year 1918.. when the Russians were advancing with designs on revenge, [a concept which I detest completely]. These events took place..
Why do Armenians persist with their goal of spreading awareness and recognition? Turks should ask themselves this question and approach the answer emphatically. Only then will Turks realize that [our] ambitions are honorable Turks continually deny that a genocide took place and Armenians should also approach this position with empathy in kind, in order to discover the reasons for it, to find the element of pride and dignity which precludes such acceptance. For example: "As a Turk, I am against genocide! I am against racism! Genocide is a crime and a sin! My forefathers could not have possibly commited such acts! because I certainly would not!" Evidently, the Turkish position is also one of self-respect.
One day my telephone rings, and an elderly man from a village in Sivas is calling me because others have recommended for him do so. He tells me of an elderly woman from France who was visiting the village and who spent about ten days there before she suddenly passed away. "We took and buried her. We said our prayers, we paid our respects and we buried her.. Then we discovered that she was Armenian and it was recommended to me that I find you.." The old man gave me her name and asked me to help find her next of kin. He said the village would want to help anyone who came forth and who might travel to Sivas in order to take her body elsewhere for burial. "We buried her but we want to give notice and make it easy for anyone wishing to move her to another location", he said.
I agreed to help find her relatives.
I called an old friend of mine in Sivas and repeated the story, and gave him the woman's name.. He told me to go to a cobbler shop across the street from me and to ask about her there. "They will know". So I went to this place and asked if they knew this woman. I told them her name.. Someone turned around and said "That's my mother". I asked, "where does your mother live?".. I was told she lives in France.. I asked, "Does she visit Turkey?" I was told that yes, she visits Turkey occasionally but that her journeys do not always include a visit to Istanbul.. and that she was in the habit of visiting her hometown and birth place, a village near Sivas.. "She goes there and spends about 15 days with the people in the village, and she sometimes visits us on her way back to France..and sometimes not.." I repeated the story of what had happened.. We called the village and of course she cried and cried..
The following day, they traveled to Sivas and confirmed that it was in fact their mother who died.. I received their call..
"So are you bringing her back?"
"Yes we were going to but there is a village elder here who spoke to me"
"What did he say?"
She started to cry again on the other end..
"Why are you crying? What happened?" I panicked in reply..Then I heard the village elder on the phone and asked what was going on..
"I didn't do anything.. Everything's fine..I just told her it's their choice whether the body is moved to another location or not..after all it's their family and all... but that if you ask me..leave her where she lies...the water has found it's crack.. Leave her in peace.."
This expression really got through to me.. I had to also sit down and cry at this point.. "Water finds it's crack.." What an amazing thing to God.. A literal depth of meaning found only in Anatolia.. one which would require many paragraphs and pages to describe, using only three words [in Turkish].. "Water comes, finds it's own crack and fills it"..
Water has once again found a crack..


aytaç said...


Why such propaganda!?!?!?! THis is Armanian lies, all of it. This Hrant Dink is one who calls for dividing of Turks an our land. He is full of bad intentions, I know this becasue he says that Turks have bad blood. Only Armanians made atack of Turks and Turks NEVER atack to Armanians. Why help this Armanian propaganda????????????????!!!!!Dink is for me soemthing to Ocalan

aytaç said...

Why give voice to people who make LIES? It serves the interest of Armanians and others anti-Turks. The big problem for Turkey today is plans to divide our land from EU nations, Armanians, Greeks, Kurds. Agree?

Ozge Can said...

Dear Murat,
Thanks a lot for your help in the translation of this interview. We'll show this interview at the beginning of a cultural event in Brown University to an Armenian and Turkish audiance. The event is organized jointly by Brown Turkish Cultural Society and Brown Armenian Students Association to create means of dialogue between the two communities. Sometimes all that we need is a start, you know, maybe then water will just find its crack. I'll send you the invitations for the event shortly, everyone is welcome.


Sean said...


thanks for posting the video and translating it.

don't listen to aytac. the hate has clouded his judgment.

Serhat said...


It takes some nerve to compare Dink to Ocalan. I take it you did not read Dink's article in question. If you had You'd seen that he did not say "Turks have bad blood". He said "bad Turkish blood running through Armenians' veins" explained further in the article that Armenians are poisoned with some kind of an "evil Turkish image" in their brains and they should get rid of it and look to their future already. I'm just as Turkish as you are and at least as sensitive on my country's unity as you are. So how are we interpreting things so differently?

cem said...

Excellent. Thanks Murat

susan said...

Informative post. Aytac, did you not fully understand the post. Please explain yourself.

Sean, I have read many of your comments and you do say a lot of negative things about Turks.

Anonymous said...

Here is a clip from the new ''Screamers'' documentary.

At the 01:35 mark there is footage of Hrant Dink (in Armenian with English subtitles) discussing modern Turks and the genocide.


Sean said...

Per Murat's request, I will not post the entire text of this article on this page, however, everyone should click on this link and read it.


cem said...

sean said...I also did NOT condemn PKK. I said "is the little girl a card carrying member of PKK?" how is this same as "condemning" PKK?

Why would a hater of Turks condemn the PKK.

sean DOES NOT CONDEMN THE PKK. He is very upset at the moment because the beautiful cute little girl is not unlike himself a card carrying member of the PKK.
He wishes she would do away with the peace sign. He is very very upset. Perhaps Gulay will give you a hug.


cem said...

Read about the exploitation of the death of Mr Hrant Dink.

Anonymous said...

fukk uu whollee armenianss, we live in peace in Turkiye, what do you want from us?

the translation on the other hand is not objective but fucking subjective

Murat Altinbasak said...

aytac... did you listen to Hrant's words or read the translation? This video is a Turkish production, with lots of editing. Clearly he speaks for more than 5 minutes.. but it appears the five minutes which are most attractive were the only ones included. Wouldn't that make it actually Turkish "propaganda"?? Who cares?
The man tells a nice story.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Ozge, thank YOU for thinking of me when you wanted it done. I'm honored..

Sean, you're welcome.. and before I say anything else, right or wrong, let me salute you for being a one-man force in the commentary lately. That's not an edorsement of your positions.. It's an A for effort.

Serhat, Susan, Cem, welcome to the blog. Hope you will visit again and contribute more.

anonymous, please explain your 'objective' versus 'subjective' judgment..
For that matter, if anyone disagrees with the wording of my transalation, please share your thoughts with me. Also, please refrain from cursing. Thanks.

istanbulexpat said...

Bravo, good piece. Turks and Armenians working together...

Celal Birader said...

click HERE for an explanation of the late Hrant Dink's comment on "bad blood" (Turkish).

aytaç said...

I have saide before and many in Türkiye agree with me that Armanians should be happy to be living with us and need to stay quiet. Hrant Dink was one of many actors making effort to dived our nation. He makes many lies that were given to him to say by so-called Armanian christian diaspora to make Turks look bad to thwe whole world. Just more who males hate of Turks dead, while in Türkiye of all places!!!

aytaç said...

no. Armanians can not work with Turks because Armanians make universal lie. TURKS NEVER HURT ANY ARMANIANS EVER!!! Armanians rise to kill the Turks and Muslims for no reason but to make Anadolu land of deth. That is why we cant be brothers with these Armanians. They are liars and big cheeters of men.

aytaç said...

Turks should not make honor of such a man by saying we are all Armanians. What about millions and milliosn of dead Turks, Azeris,Muslims killed b Armanian chetes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

"Yurtta Barış, Dünyada Barış"

Anonymous said...


"He makes many lies that were given to him to say by so-called Armanian christian diaspora to make Turks look bad to thwe whole world."

No need for Armenians to make Turks look bad when there are people like you.

cem said...

Anonymous, or should I just call you sean.

Ozge Can said...

Hi Murat,
I'd like you to know that our organization committee decided not to show this video in the event since some parts of it are political and not suitable for our theme that is to bring people together whatever their political views are and just enjoy a wonderful night full of music from great musicians: Malcolm Barsamian, Cem Mutlu, Garo Papazian, Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, they'll be playing and singing Armenian and Turkish songs. Also we will have great food in the reception afterwards so everyone is welcome.
(April 6, Friday,
8:30 pm, List Arts Center 120, Brown University, 64 College St., Providence, RI)
Thanks a lot for all your effort.

Serhat said...

I've just learned that the Turkish-Armenian Joint concert has been cancelled. Some "heros" from an Armenian Organization used all their power for this event not to happen. Armenian musicians mysteriously decided not to take part. Now Hrant Dink murder is making much more sense to me. There are many who can't stand even the simple idea of Turks and Armenians sitting together and listening to some music.
Hrant kept saying "no matter what we should be together".

ArmenianNonviolence said...

Dear Turkish brothers and sisters,

I have taken a few moments to look over many of these comments. While some sadden me, others fill me with hope. As a few comments have indicated, it is important for us to stand together. Whether we recognize or know our history or not, it is a shared one. Let peace guide our way... through every discussion, no matter how difficult.

Our reconciliation is like a bridge. In order to meet in the center we must each work outward from our own side of the divide. Cultural / national sensitivities make it difficult for an Armenian to criticize a Turk's position, or for a Turk to criticize an Armenian's. Thus, we must take responsibility and analyze our own positions critically, with a level of compassion that considers the other.

Finally, those of us (Armenian and Turkish) who are committed to this work are committed because we care for both groups. Hrant was an example of this, and, of course, there are Turkish equivalents. Individuals must lead, and the masses will slowly adjust. This will not be easy.

This, I think, is what Hrant meant when he suggested that Armenians must doctor of the Turks and the Turks must doctor Armenians. Healing and peace can only come mutually.


A long lost friend.