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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

29 March 2007

Marines rush to get last minute tattoos, before the ban

Defacing your body is not allowed. GOOD! I hate tattoos.
Let me express this in the clearest manner possible: A person with a tattoo of any kind will NEVER baby-sit my kid. To me, tattoos indicate emotional turmoil or distress, above all else. The human body is perfect without the use of permanent decorations. That's what clothing and jewelry are for.. Don't even get me started on piercings. They're all disgusting. 


Gulay said...

Murat, I am surprised by your apparent intolerance of tattoos, I have and so does the Husband, discrete, but why the dislike....

Murat Altinbasak said...

Well this is unexpected! What can I say? I do not have any tattoos, nor does anyone in my immediate or extended family. I find them unattractive. Not to throw the baby out with the bath water, and not judging you.. but the place with the highest population of people with tattoos seems to be prison.. I can't help but associate tattoos with violent crime and unwholesomeness. Discretion wins you points, for sure. Sorry to disappoint you. Don't take it personally, please.

Gulay said...

we don't, just wondered why you felt that way, is all

Anonymous said...

Although I don't have a tatoo, your comment about tatoos and prison is like saying that all Moslems are terrorist because of a few insane idiots who become suicide bombers. It's ignorant and uniformed. I am surprised at you too

Ardent said...

Murat, I am another one who hates tattoos. You are not alone. Also I hate body piercing.

Tattoos look quite fashionable now and petite tattoos look lovely on young people, but young people get old. I remember taking my children to swimming lessons when they were younger. There was an old man who would exercise by swimming on the night they had lessons. Well he was so wrinkly and his whole body was covered with faded blue tattoos. Well with all the wrinkles on his body, the tattoos lost their definition, it just looked disgusting.

Having said that, my husband has a tattoo. He advises my son it was one of the stupidist things he did when he was young, and would not have done it with hindsight.

I just think people should be people and not bill boards.

As for body peircing, when I look in someone's face I want to focus on their smile or their eyes or their laugh. I do not want to focus on studs in tongues or chins or eyebrows. Beautiful people can make themselves look so ugly.

aytaç said...

tattos are for dirty peeople. Sorry but it is so. People who take the drugs or do crimes it is ugly ofr women to have tattos

Anonymous said...

You are all poster children for what is wrong in the world today. Intolerance for something or someone who is different that you has caused more pain and suffering throughout history than anything else. Why are the Sunis and Shia, the Catholics & Protestants in Ireland, the Jews and Palestinians fighting? Intolerance to other's ideas and customs, that’s why.

It's one thing to have an opinion and live by it yourself, but to vocalize and make broad range judgments is just wrong.

To make such definitive statements such as "tattos are for dirty peeople. Sorry but it is so. People who take the drugs or do crimes it is ugly ofr women to have tattos " shows ignorance beyond description. I think that Aytac should find a Time Machine and travel back to the Middle Ages with an attitude like that.

cem said...

As the saying goes, "you are your words".. and in fact.. "her koyun kendi bacagindan asilir".

Gulay said...

The Husband here

I am so glad that I am dirty person because I have a tattoo. I also have a B.Eng, M.Sc and run $700m projects. Its my body and my choice and people should not make judgmentss about my character because of what I choose to do with it. I also ride bikes, run and try to keep myself in good shape. Oh and by the way I am 42 and had the tattoo 3 years ago after a lot of internal discussion.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a voice of reason on this blog. Good for you Gulay. You sound like a hard working, intelligent, enlightened individual. I salute your open mind.

Anonymous said...

I work in the tattoo and piercing industry. And you know what never ceases to amaze me? Tattooed and pierced people never discriminate against those that aren't tattooed/pierced. Never.


Shame on you and your bias. I'm not a dirty person, I've never been in trouble with the law, I've babysat alot of children and am fantastic with them, I have a one year old son, we earn alot of money and have a great house with pets, we're fantastic citizens, law-abiders, do as much and sometimes for our community, country and world than most people. And we're completely covered with tattoos.

Not only that, but most of the people we tattoo - if not all, are completely sane, 'normal' people. We've tattooed owners of big corporations, jet-setters, back-packers, grandmothers, mothers and daughters, all nationalities, sexes, orientations. These people have great jobs, come from great families, earn great money, wash themselves daily and obviously aren't in prison.

I think it's fine to not like tattoos. It's not fine to generalize.