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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

16 March 2007

Only in America: Father stabs baby son, throws him from car

• Police ask FBI's help in searching for father, 30
• 11-month-old thrown from car with kitchen knife stuck in back, police say
• Father, boy's mother argued in car before incident, police say
This baby has a guardian angel for sure as he is now in stable condition. The blade narrowly missed vital organs. I hope they find this parasite and put him away for good this time. -AT
This is the first installment of my new series "Only in America". If it happens to fixate upon the abundance of crimes against children in this country, don't be surprised. In America as in every other country, children are often treated worse than dogs treat eachother.
But only in America do you see people who treat their dogs better than many people treat their children. We need licenses to hunt, to go fishing, to drive cars, to race bikes, to give massages, to carry guns, to be a plumber or electrician, to fly planes, and to operate forklifts.. But any pair of douchebags can be parents.. No experience, education, or other qualifications required.


Ron Larson said...

... my new series "Only in America".... In America as in every other country....

Aren't you contradicting yourself? If it "is every other country", then shouldn't your series be called "ALSO in America"?

If it was ONLY in America, then it would not happen anywhere else. Or am I missing something here?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Ron, you're right it sounds as if I'm contradicting myself.. so let me make this distinction. Child abuse is prevalent all over the world, but only in America do you hear news of a mother drowning her five children, or cutting the arms off of her infant, or tossing her three children into the sea from a pier, or of leaving a toddler to die out in 5 degree weather after knocking her out, or of babies being stabbed by their father and thrown from a car window...
So I don't think "also in America" would apply, because the above named events do not seem to happen anywhere else.