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05 April 2007

At least he knows what he wants, and now so do we..

As one commenter recently said to me: "This blog has become Sean's bitch".. Not quite, I don't think so. But like the great quarterback Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills, I consider myself to be very sportsman-like and I give credit where it's due. (Jim Kelly would always clap when his opponent scored) Sean... pill that he is, continues to pollute this blog with reasoning, theories and ideas which "insult Turkishness", so to speak.. But does it intelligently and does not resort to unprovoked personal attacks. Some want to know why I allow it, some ask why I do not moderate comments, some ask why I don't delete every anti-Turkish comment posted to this blog.. Well, it's because we want to see everyone's cards.. we want them to be laid down like in a Hold'em tournament. Sean's cards read thusly, pay particular attention to Nos 6 and 7 (below)... while all along you thought they only cared about No 4 and 5.. How naive of u$! I can't wait to see a Twelve $tep Program for Armenians. -AT
Sean's un-edited list of demands begins here:
Step 1: Turkey stops using oil & $$ as a threat against countries who are recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Read this article:
Step 2: Turkey stops murdering prominent Armenians in Turkey and using the reaction of Moderate Turks and Armenians to those tragedies as a propaganda tool to show the world that it cares about the minorities.
Step 3: Turkey stops using Armenian religious sites as museums for tourists and allows them to be used as intended.
Step 4: Turkey recognizes the Armenian Genocide and apologizes to the victims, to their families, to the Armenian people and the entire world.
Step 5: Turkey acknowledges that for the past 92 years, its denial campaign was based on lies and fabricated evidence.
Step 6: Turkey investigates the title ownership of each property that was taken from Armenians (and others) without just compensation. Turkey agrees to return those properties to the heirs of the rightful owners, or, as an alternative, if they prefer, they could take compensation, plus interest.
Step 7: Turkey pays compensation for all the lives taken.
Step 8: Turkey opens the border with Armenia and starts diplomatic relations.
Step 9: Turkey does away with 301.
Step 10: Turkey holds public trials for the people accused of being involved with the murder of Hrant Dink.
Step 11: Turkey restores minority rights.
Step 12: Sean stops being "repulsive", to the satisfaction of cem.
Number 10 cracks me up... I believe Armenians are behind Hrant's murder, because of his dovish attitude. He was no Armenian hawk on these matters. The video clip of him [which was posted here] attests to that. -AT


Sean said...


my list was not a list of so-called "demands". I was responding to cem's request to join a 12 step program. That's my 12 step program.

You have taken it out of context. I didn't have a "list" until I started responding to cem's comment. To suggest, as I think your posting does, that I had a hidden agenda all along, is wrong and misleading. Plus, don't take MY so-called "demands" and assume that it's the "demands" of all Armenians. you say "while all along you thought they only cared about No. 4 and 5". Who is "they"?

Still, I will respond to your comments.

No. 6 & 7 were never a secret. Everyone knows those are part of the process. Look at the Jews & Germans. Look at the Japanese & the US camps. Why are you surprised?

Why does Number 10 crack you up? By "public trial", I mean a trial that's not behind closed doors. Public -- like the trials in the US. What's wrong with that? I want to make sure whoever is behind Hrant Dink’s murder (even if it's Armenians, as you suggest) they face justice.

If you want to start throwing out conspiracy theories out there about Hrant Dink's murder, here is one: it was the Azeris. They are the ones who will lose the most if Turks & Armenians open the border and start working together. I don't have any proof to back up by allegation, however, neither do you. Doesn't my theory hold as much, if not more, water than yours?

I like the Jim Kelly comment. Does that mean you think I am "scoring"?

Everyone, please, just answer this one question for me: Why is it that Turkey tries to prevent the Armenian Genocide Resolution from passing by making threats, instead of offering proof that the claims in the resolution are false. (I have seen the articles on one of the Turkish papers that tries to address each article. I am not talking about one article, I am talking about the general approach of the Turkish government). I am sure the US government (Bush) would be more than happy to call a press conference on the Capitol steps and provide all the proof that they have against the Genocide resolution. It would put an end to this once and for all.

BUT THEY NEVER DO IT. Not in France, not in Germany, not in Washington. Why not? Threats of closing down military bases and cutting off oil supplies are what a guilty party would do. An innocent one would do all he could to prove his innocence.

cem said...

Gyumri Mayor Assassination Attempt Update
Regnum reports that as I mentioned in the comments section of the previous post, there is some confusion as to the current situation of the Deputy Mayor of Gyumri who, according to some sources died in last night’s failed assassination attempt on Vardan Ghukasian, but who didn’t according to others.

Mayor of Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, Vardan Ghukasyan was attacked yesterday in Armenia. As a REGNUM correspondent report citing data received in the hospital, where the mayor is undergoing treatment now, three persons who were accompanying Ghukasyan were killed in the attack, six others received severe injuries. Contradicting reports are coming about the deputy mayor, Gagik Manukyan. Under some data, he died, according to other sources, he is in poor condition.

In the name of Allah, I urge all Armenians to please stop killing your own officials.

sean, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FOOLING by saying and I quote "To suggest, as I think your posting does, that I had a hidden agenda all along, is wrong and misleading"
You cannot be serious.

sean,YES YOU HAVE AN AGENDA AND YES YOU HATE TURKS. You must think that we are all idiots. Man you are so shallow and predictable, I already know how you're going to reply to my last comment.


sean says that he only wants to improve Turkey. WHO HERE BELIEVES THAT?



sean says: Plus, don't take MY so-called "demands" and assume that it's the "demands" of all Armenians. you say "while all along you thought they only cared about No. 4 and 5". Who is "they"?

Do you not see your hypocrisy sean.
You dare ask "Who is they"? Do you noy recall the amount of times you made the same comment.

Murat says: But does it intelligently and does not resort to unprovoked personal attacks.
Murat, are you saying that it's alright for an individual to insult "Turkishness" as long as they do so in an intelligent manner?
And that insult should not be considered to be offensive nor provocative. ???????????

"This blog has become Sean's bitch" Man sean post's more here than you do. I do however apologies for that comment. It was actually my girlfriend who said it after she read many of sean's post's, which you view as comments.

sean says: Still, I will respond to your comments.
I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Murat, have you ever heard of an Armenian-American gang that calls itself Armenian Power or AP for short. Google it, you may find it interesting.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Sean, don't feel so flattered. You're "scoring" rests with the fact that I find your contributions to be put together well. It doesn't mean I am buying into any of it. Still, it's a compliment.

Cem, it's alright by me for anyone to insult Turkishness. Prosecution of such people is not my responsibility nor is it yours. Censorship of such insult indicates an acceptance and avoidance of culpability. Let the insults rain down Cem.. they will all disappear down the storm drain anyway.
No, such insults are not provocative. Insulting maybe, because some of us take it to heart when the country we love is raked over the coals.. A provocation in the form of a personal attack, that's another story. When people begin to call eachother jerks, assholes, motherfuckers, cocksuckers, douchebags, pimps, prostitutes, or genocidal pedophile rapists.. then it's a personal attack and I won't tolerate it.
It's true, I post less here than usual. That's because of a little bit of spring fever and an increase in the amount of time I spend for training and competition.

If it's any consolation, I am now going to add Sean's blog to the "Insulters of Turkishness" blogroll. It's a distinction he might actually be proud of, but that's okay.

Sean said...

Murat & cem,

please explain which one of my comments are "insulting"?

again, just because you don't agree with them, doesn't mean they are insulting. As I have said in the past, most of the articles I post on my blog are from Turkish newspapers, written by Turks.

don't kill the messanger if you don't like the message (from Turkish and western writers).

If I was posting anti-Turkish articles from Armenian newspapers, your point may be valid at that point. But I heardly ever do that.

Sean said...

Would posting this article be considered "insulting Turkishness" or "being Truthful"?

If the article makes allegations that are not true, feel free to respond. That's the point of freedom of speech.


Turkey’s con game: US officials on the take, FBI provides cover
By John Stanton
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Apr 6, 2007, 02:09 am

“Turkey is not as politically stable or as secular domestically as they would have you believe,” said one long time observer of US-Turkish relations in Washington, DC. “The Turks do not have a large community across the United States like, say, the Armenians and the Greeks who have been here a long time. Because of this you see a very large Turkish presence inside Washington, DC.”

Lacking a legitimate national grassroots organization, Turkey has built a notable presence inside the corridors of power in Washington, by spreading cash around and buying direct access to key US decision makers in and out of the US government. It all seems legitimate enough: campaign donations and junkets for members & staff of the US Congress (FMOCs); consulting fees to former FMOCs, US military generals, US State Department employees; and promises of billions of dollars in contracts to US corporate representatives operating in Washington. With so much money chasing politicians, consultants and contractors of all stripes, there’s bound to be some corrupt and even criminal activity. No seasoned observer of politics anywhere is completely surprised at the occasional and well-timed conviction of a white collar criminal.

But Sibel Edmonds’ seems to have stumbled into the really big white collar crime ring that ties an old George Bush I family friend, Brent Scowcroft -- and his American Turkish Council--in with former US Ambassador to Turkey Marc Grossman; members of the Turkish Caucus in the US Congress; Douglas Feith, (once had his security clearance revoked and was rumored to be watched by the FBI) who once greased arms sales to Turkey back in the 1990s, is a famed Zionist, formerly of the Pentagon and now at Georgetown University in Washington, DC; the Bob Livingston Group (Livingston a FMOC), who has gotten very wealthy via Turkish business; and Joe Ralston the former USAF general whose bank account has blossomed after joining Lockheed Martin and being put on the Turkish payroll as a counter-Kurdish insurgency expert. Finally, former Speaker of the US House Dennis Hastert seems a natural part of the ring, whose claim to fame may become that he kept debate on the Armenian Genocide Resolution off the House floor during his tenure and was the subject of a Vanity Fair piece.

Read the rest of the article here:

John Stanton is a Virginia based writer specializing in political and national security matters. Reach him at

Sean said...

Here is one paragraph from an article on

I have provided a link to the entire article below, in case you are interested.

Is Mr. Ilkin "insulting Turkishness"? He is saying the same thing I have been say here.


Asked about Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, Ilkin commented that "in the recent past, Turkey went through some important legal reforms. No one has been punished in cases where prosecutors based their arguments on Article 301. We are in favor of freedom of expression. However, this principle must apply in all countries. If the Turks can not freely express their ideas, as in the case of the so-called Armenian genocide, can we talk about a freedom of expression?"