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10 April 2007

Michael Totten's Middle East Journal: An Army, not a Militia

FULL ARTICLE about the Kurdish Pesmerga in "Iraqi Kurdistan".. -AT
"...The third army is the Kurdish Peshmerga, the liberators and protectors of the only part of Iraq – the three northern governates – that may be salvaged from insurgency, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and war. Do not confuse the Peshmerga with the ragtag ethnic and sectarian militias running rampant in Iraq’s center and south. The Kurdish armed forces are a real professional army and are recognized as such in Iraq’s constitution and by the so-called central government in Baghdad..."
"...It’s hard to say, then, how well the Peshmerga would stack up against other professional militaries in the region, like those of the Turks or Israelis for instance. The Kurds will likely never fight the Israelis: they not-so-secretly view the Jewish state as a quiet ally against Arab Nationalism and jihadi terrorism. The Turks, though, are another story. The Peshmerga’s next war may be fought against a regional superpower with a large professional mechanized army that won’t be so easy to knock down or push out. That is what they are preparing for now: not to launch an invasion of Turkey, but to defend their homeland in case the generals in Ankara decide to invade Kurdish Iraq to secure the Kurdistan region in their own country which is still wracked with violence from the (Turkish, not Iraqi) Marxist-Leninist Kurdistan Worker’s Party, or PKK.."


Anonymous said...

I never understood Turkey's rationale for threatening ot invade Southern Kurdistan -- if you can't deal with the Kurdish problem within your own borders and have been trying to finish off 5000 Kurdish "terrorists" for the last 25 years, what makes you think that you will have any success against 50 000 well-trained peshmerges whose fathers fought against the Baaths, who grew up fighting the Baaths, and who will have no remorse in fighting against the Turks.

When those poor Mehmetciks get to Southern Kurdistan they will all defect...or apply for asylum.

Anonymous said...

I think Turkey is bluffing...they won't attack Southern Kurdistan because any military operation they launch is bound to fail and it would expose Turkey for the paper tiger that it is.

This bluff is just another way for Turkey to exert pressure on the USA to come into their fold (on various issues). The USA should understand this and ignore the hysterics coming out of Ankara.

Murat Altinbasak said...

"The USA should understand this and ignore the hysterics coming out of Ankara."

Ignorance is America's core competence.. and the "hysterics" which you refer to were heard and ignored back in 1974 too.

JJ said...

Murat I think this is not correct. 1974 was very different. I was around for that, in Turkey in fact. It would have never happened without our acquiescence.

On Ankara and the General Staff over the Kurdistan issue, hysterics is not the right word, nor is bluff, but my friends in Turkey say it will never happen and that seems to be the consensus stateside as well.