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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

20 April 2007

Mother forced toddlers to fight

News like this makes one stop and say WHAT THE FUCK!? I remember my first fist fight in grade school. The rush of adrenaline and emotion was so overwhelmingly foreign to me and my opponent that we both started crying uncontrollably in heaving sobs afterwards.. Okay, that's at the age of 10.. These are toddlers.. siblings.. babies.. I think I know what they felt, and hopefully they never remember it. It's terror. It's a total let-down by the enormous world around you. It's the realization that other people WANT you to get hurt, or to hurt you themselves. Heart breaking for any toddler or child to discover.. Story


Anonymous said...

Nice language. Might I remind you that the readers here may be children. You blatant fucking hipocrit!!!!

NHRider said...

Murat, I feel the way you do. If anonymous was so upset with your language, I think he/she would have restrained from using it his/herself.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Point taken, but do not forget, this blog and my cycling blog are very different. The cycling blog has the eyes of my fellow racers, team mates, sponsors and some of our collective family members on it. In other words, people I associate with in person. This blog, on the other hand, is populated with people who I am not likely to ever meet in person, as much as I'd like to. Besides, I have dropped many F-bombs here before, most are used to it over the past 2 years. Additionally, using a curse word as an interjection, is something I consider to be a "victimless crime", whereas the full on personal attack people witnessed at "Bisikletci" was not so benign, was it? So yes, you've called me on something here, you win. But it baffles me that people are so desperate to expose weakness. You know what I think? People in the habit of despising others for their 'defects' are really just expressing self hate because the defect is a reflection of themselves.. So to answer your original comment, "that makes two of us". Peace.

Murat Altinbasak said...

nhrider, check out my other blog for some background. I do appreciate the sentiment, but there's more to it. Many thanks.

nhrider said...

I have seen your other bog and can't believe what I've read. Other than that, I enjoy them both.