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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

08 April 2007

Murat raced today: Chris Hinds Criterium

Yes my second federation event of the 2007 season. You can read my race report here.
Full results are here (Murat raced the 35+ event) No pictures, no video (digital camera was left at work and video camera wouldn't work because it was too cold)
And here's a hilarious albeit x rated set of pictures I found at Redneck's Revenge: Naked bike riders in San Francisco (where else?) Click at your own risk. Lots of junk.


Murat Altinbasak said...

4th place in my event was an Armenian fellow, I think. (Check the link I've given, under the 35+ results) Don't know him personally.. but I wonder if his skin crawls or if he curses under his breath when he's riding behind me and sees the Turkish flag sticker which decorates the ass end of my bike, just above the rear brakes.. I put it there because I like how it looks, plus I want anyone behind me trying to hold my wheel to know that it's a Turk who is making them suffer immeasurably while they struggle to keep up. I can be so stupid and immature sometimes.. ::sigh::

NHRider said...


It's early in the season. Don't beat yourself up. You will have better days. At least you didn't crash!

cem said...

Hey Murat,

Perhaps today the wind was not on your back, however I'm very certain that it gave you an idea of some of the things you need to focus on. It is early in the season, so as nhrider said "Don't beat yourself up" rather use it to improve yourself.

There's an excellent book called "Zen in the art of Archery" by Eugen Herrigel. It's full of inspiraton, and has helped me greatly improve my biking.

Celia said...

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Murat Altinbasak said...

NHrider, Cem.. Thank you for the encouragement. My problem isn't physical.. that part of it seems to be about 80% (the fitness curve is not very steep this spring, I'm not very far from last year's top form).. the problem is timing, courage, belief and a little luck.
Ever since I crashed horrifically during a field sprint about 5 years ago, ever since I was T-boned by a car last summer.. ever since my son Reis was born.. ever since I hit the deck in the middle of a tunnel.. I have been very very cautious. Where before I would set myself up for a sprint with no fear, diving into openings and making sure I was top five through the last corner.. now I tend to hold back, in favor of going home with all of my skin. It's not only that.. Been a long time since I've had the belief that I can win. Confidence is the biggest obstacle here. Fortunately, it's something which feeds upon itself.. But the reverse is also true. This sport is 80% mental.

NHRider said...

With two children of my own I also see my mortality very clearly so I understand your feelings.

An importnat thing to remember is that we (or at leat me) are not now, nor have any hope to be a professional. At 43, I am in it for the fun of competition. Just finsihing a race is winning enough, along with my weekly series at NHIS in Loudon NH.

Like you said, it's good to go home with all your skin. I suffered a bad crash too at NHIS and had a concusion. It is something that I don't want o repeat, but I am too stupid to not jump I the sprints. (not that I win many).

Murat, keep your head up and the wind at your back and remember the important things in life: Family.