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31 May 2007

Top general: Turkey ready for PKK strike in Iraq

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey's top general said Thursday the military was ready to stage a cross-border offensive to fight Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq and that he already had sought government approval to mount military action.
You can clip a bird's wings only so many times before you are bitten. -AT


Redneck Texan said...

I think he's just pissed because the Kurds blew up a trainload of Iranian rockets heading through Turkey to Syria, that he was being paid by the Iranians to protect.

I hope like hell this isn't just to stoke up nationalism before the elections, and this America hating fool really does send armor across the border for us destroy.

Maybe he'll take point.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

the guy has excellent communication skills. Therefore, I don't understand even considering an intervetion; he will act against the Nato Convenant. He will attack the USA, how cynical. And the NATO.
Not up to me to make a conclusion...but...

Idil said...

All this is so risky. I bloody well hope they think every single decision through this time.

Anonymous said...

This 'Buyukanit' guy is really the devil incarnate of Turkish 'nationalism' and 'secularism' bullcrap of an excuse to provoke Turkey into a self-defeating agenda.

He might actually be on the CIA payroll Redneck!

It's time for the 'generals' to retire out of democratic war mongering, especially on their own people.

Does anyone have any idea who is in control in Turkey right now??? I hear headline making comments from every branch of government and official, military or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

He looks like John Goodman in Invaders From Mars!