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24 May 2007

Turkey plans for attack on Kurds

ANKARA, Turkey (CNN) -- "The war drums are getting louder in Turkey, and they can be heard next door in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, and across the globe in Washington as well.
Many Turkish officials and citizens -- enraged by Tuesday's deadly bombing -- want the Turkish military to hit back at the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, the hard-line Kurdish separatist group thought by many in the government and on the street to have staged the blast and other militant actions.
At least six people died and more than 100 were injured in the rush hour bombing at an Ankara shopping district. (Full story)
Senior Turkish officers have said that operations against the PKK would require troops to cross into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, which many PKK militants -- also long situated in southeastern Turkey -- have chosen as their base." Full CNN Article


Anonymous said...

Although not a Turk, I find this bombing appalling. If this is indeed the work of the PPK, then Turkey has the right to persue them across ant border. The US would.

Ardent said...

The Turkish government needs to make the situation seem more drastic and terrorist inflamed.

Perhaps the government might get an Aeroplane with Kurdistan signage and fly it into the Grand Covered Bazaar. Invent a few Kurdish names with Video support, then Kemal's your uncle.

Then the whole world will be on Turkey's side.


super hero said...

although i dont oppose a cross-border military intervention against pkk terrorists, i dont think a reaction-attack is the right thing to do here. we should base on concrete reasons, not on vengeance as a solid dsicrimination of being a true goverment and a bunch of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Turkey should do the smart thing and make concessions to the Kurds because in the long run, an attack on Kurdistan will backfire on Turkey.
Anyhow, if this attack happens (I doubt it will - Turkey's been barking for a long time with no follow-thru), it will be interesting.