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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

29 June 2007

Waiting for 5 o'clock to happen

I am absolutely buried with work, but my sense of urgency is kaput. There comes a certain point where you're burdened with so much that it's practically a valid excuse to drop the ball or screw things up. I'm taking things one task at a time, or else I feel overwhelmed. Whatever I do manage to accomplish, is going to get done right the first time.. I'm in the business of remodeling of old schools and fit-up of new schools. It's T minus two months before these schools open up again or become occupied.. Needless to say, summer is my busiest time of year. Is it 5 o'clock yet?
Riding to work this morning, as I'm going past the Jewish cemetary on Post Road, I couldn't help but wonder how stressful an occupation it is to work at a cemetary. I saw a few guys peacefully doing some landscaping around the tombstones and thought "Who's ever gonna complain about the quality of their work?" and even if someone did screw up, can it cost anyone any money? Pfffft! My job requires me to make decisions which could potentially put this company out of business or cost hundreds of thousands of dollars... I hate construction. I want to go riding now please.

What's on his t-shirt?

Better yet, what exactly are these cadets "yelling" at the guy? You tell me. Write the best caption for the guy with his hands on his hips, and win a packet of very nifty sweat bands for your wrists, mailed right to your house, from me. (mailed in the contiguous 48 states only, otherwise additional handling charges will apply)
A basic cadet is yelled at to get moving during in-processing for the cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado June 28, 2007. 1,303 members of the class of 2011 arrived today to in-process and begin basic training. (UNITED STATES) REUTERS/Rick Wilking

28 June 2007

Fairport Cheerleaders Die In Fiery Crash

This tragic event occurred in a location close to where I lived for ten years, on a road I have no doubt trained or raced on in the past. Fairport is the next town over from Penfield, NY, where my mother and brother still live. Coincidentally, this is the same area where Jonathon Decheau lost his life recently, when a motorist ran him down from behind while he was training. CNN Story

27 June 2007

Hot enough for ya?

It's 90+ degrees outside, the DOW is up 90+ points today, and I've ridden my bike 90+ miles in the past two days.. time to leave work and ride the bike down to Narragansett Beach where the family awaits me with a picnic dinner. It's 25 miles into a stiff head wind.. after an already long and sweaty day out in the field, driving and standing all day.. but my family, my reasons for living, my pride and joy, wait for me at the beach, and I get to ride my bike there and do the training I need to do along the way.. Yes, I'm the luckiest man alive.

26 June 2007

NBX Criterium Race Video: See Murat Suffer

NBX Criterium Masters 35+ Race Footage VIDEO is LIVE!
Recorded during my Masters 35+ race on Saturday June 23, 2007. This is different. No fancy music. Lot's of open road and lots of Murat's messy brain droppings. Enjoy.

25 June 2007

Giving Tattoos a Bad Name

Okay folks, we've covered this before.. I don't like tattoos, and some of my reasons are admittedly twisted by the acts of a few, like this creep. He shoots a 60 year old in the head and kills him during an escape. Let's not be quick to judge 'ol Murat though.. I said I dislike tattoos, I didn't say that I dislike people with tattoos. Well, this one's an exception.

Curtis Allgier, 27, is taken away in the back of a police car from a fast food restaurant after being captured Monday, June 25, 2007, in Salt Lake City. The prison inmate taken to the University of Utah for a medical appointment Monday stole a gun from a corrections officer and fatally shot him, authorities said. Allgier fled the scene on foot, carjacked a Ford Explorer and was captured miles away at an Arby's restaurant after a high-speed chase. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

22 June 2007


I'm required to fast today until noon time, when I will be meeting a nurse at the house who will take my blood and urine samples, take my measurements, pulse, blood pressure, weight and money.. all for the legalized gambling racket we call life insurance. Yes soon I will be worth more money when dead, than while living. Hopefully I can make it until noon without eating. At 2:00 AM I was up and had a bowl of Raisin Bran (topped off with some Lucky Charms). Usually by this time (8:30) I've had a big bowl of Raisin Bran at 6:00 am, and a warm buttered croisant and a med hot coffee from the Dunk. Usually by 10:30 I also scarf down a "Nut Naturals" Powerbar.. I've ridden to work today (as I do every day- no need to make a big deal out of it) and thank goodness it's a rest day: HR was 106 avg, watts 122 avg, duration 47:24, distance 13.14 miles, speed 15.9 mph avg. A real sleeper.
Yesterday morning I weighed in exactly 165. THIS morning, I was astonished to find myself back up to 169! And this was after a skipped breakfast (fasting) and after my daily morning elimination, which was "continental" in proportions.. Surprising.. We had Mexican for dinner last night and the portions were huge.. but like I said, in the AM it was all gone.. so how does one gain four pounds in one 24 hour period? Was the Mexican food too salty? It didn't seem to be! I did gulp down two large Diet Cokes and I did help dear wife finish her dessert.. Serves me right.. Maybe I'm just retaining water. Some coffee would fix that.. but I can't.. Fasting.. Crap on a stick. This sucks. I mean, I can fast, but the concentration and focus is gone.. That's what sucks. We should all go hungry occasionally and feel what it's like for the other 80% of the world's population. Most Americans have never felt hunger.. We tend to eat before we're hungry (whenever it's time to eat!) and we tend to eat until we're absolutely full, like we're preparing for some natural disaster induced famine or something..
"America runs on Dunkin". How do you like that one? Rachel Ray telling you how it's so "quick and delish"? "Quilicious"? and how everyone should have an iced coffee as a "pick-me-up"? Does this guerilla campaign to fatten America with sugary donuts, bagels, cookies, iced coffee and hot coffee, not disgust you? Aren't you completely sickened with the brazen effort by Dunkin Donuts to create a chemical dependence on their products? I am. No shame whatsoever... Even the radio announcer's voice is such that he sounds like he's over weight. It's like a subconscious affirmation and acceptance of a weight problem. If that's not deliberate, I don't know what is.. Rachel Ray.. you're a shameless sell-out..

19 June 2007

Brazilian Roberto Carlos signs two year deal with Fenerbahce in Istanbul

Brazilian soccer player Roberto Carlos reacts during a contract-signing ceremony in Istanbul June 19, 2007. Carlos has signed a two-year deal with Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce. (TURKEY)  REUTERS/Osman Orsal

18 June 2007

Abridged Guide to Turkish Blogs-Volume 4

A Space Odyysey in English nothing since November 1 2006! Unacceptable.
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and misadventures of Is it a phrase? is it a sentence? Please help me Schoolhouse Rock!
Athanasia's Daily Innocent by reason of insanity. Should marry my brother.
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook Another excellent food blog (time for a new blogroll category)
Carpetblogger it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.. Constantine is no more.
crebro one of my dear wife's favorites.
dbadioxide Doesn't care about Bjarne Riis taking performance enhancing drugs. Non smoker.
Derin Sular Multi-tasker. Trailblazer. All over the net like "white on rice".
Energy Newsletter TURKEY Informative.
Erkan's field diary Defunct.
Erkan's New Field Diary The best. Should marry my sister.
Fabulous Finds Apathetic. Anonymous.
Farid's crazy world... Loves nice cars. Should also marry my sister.
Feridun in Japan One post per month. ZZZzzzZZZzzz
fikirbaz:com Click 'refresh' repeatedly to see new content (header picture rotates)
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Gulay, Galatasaray and the dogs Requires no introduction. and her parents are pretty cool too. Hakan Aydin Bostonite. Statistics junkie.
Icarus Redeemed Turkish American Christian. Will not blow you up.
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NEW YORK MUHTARI Doesn't love coming here.
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Sailing Nomad Survivor. Living the good life.
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We are the Turks I'm still pining about how I suck too much to make this list!
Zen in the Kitchen Food blog no 4! Second to last on this list.
ZiddiBLOG Liked the Sopranos ending. (Pfffft!) Lives where I resolve never to go.

Okay, I did that for the therapeutic effect of visiting every blog on the list..(LOL) Let's not get all offended and what not.. it's all "tongue in cheek".. I was originally intending to go into my Blogroll account and delete probably about half of the list.. Eliminate all those which I either don't like, don't read, suck, or who snubbed me with no reciprocation.. Then I thought to myself, "don't be a weenie, Murat." Dump the task onto your readers. Ask them: "Which of the above links have you never visited? Which have you visited once and never returned to? Which ones just friggin suck?" For you to participate, I need to add incentive. So I am changing settings so that everyone can post anonymously. (I will still moderate though- don't want the hate-comments directed at me to get through!) So have at it. Tell us which blogs need to disappear and take a dirt nap. Tell us which ones deserve a NOBEL Prize. Go wild. Just leave me out of it. Lately, the 'suck knob' is turned up pretty high at Amerikan Turk, no need to rub my nose in it.

15 June 2007

Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3

A squirrel is seen in St. James Park in London in this May 2, 2007 file photo. An aggressive squirrel attacked and injured three people in a German town before a 72-year-old pensioner dispatched the rampaging animal with his crutch. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico

This caught my eye only because these vermin in disguise populate the bike path I use to commute, in large numbers. They seem to have a short circuit with determining which side of the path is better, and at what time it's safest to cross. I kill at least one every year with a fatal bike tire across the neck... um.. regrettably.

10 June 2007

Final Episode of Sopranos..

It sucked... Except for Leotardo getting wacked and his skull crushed.. That was good.
Watching Meadow destroy the wheels of her Lexus for four of the last five minutes.. a total waste.

07 June 2007

Turkish Military Officers Pray at Funeral of Emrah Kayadelen

Rest in Peace Emrah..
Turkish military officers join the prayers during the funeral ceremony of soldier Emrah Kayadelen in Istanbul June 6, 2007. Kayadelen, 21, was one of seven Turkish soldiers killed in an attack by banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels on Monday in southeast Turkey. (TURKEY)  REUTERS/Fatih Saribas

06 June 2007

Turkish officials: troops enter Iraq

Friends and relatives of Turkish soldier Emrah Kayadelen, wearing letters that read: 'We condemn', chant nationalist slogans during his funeral ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday, June 6, 2007. In one of the bloodiest attacks this year, Kurdish rebels raided Monday a military outpost in Tunceli province in southeastern Turkey, killing seven Turkish troops and wounding seven others. (AP Photo/Serkan Senturk)
By SELCAN HACAOGLU, Associated Press Writer 12 minutes ago
ANKARA, Turkey - Several thousand Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq early Wednesday to chase Kurdish guerrillas who operate from bases there, Turkish security officials told The Associated Press. Early CNN report

05 June 2007

Random Pointlessness

Murat's too fast for the camera at last weekend's Pro Hartford Criterium
This post might seem like an out of control fire hose.. You won't mind. Things I'm happy about! Weight is down to 166-167 range! (75-76 kg) It has taken way too long to drop 10 pounds this year.. At this rate, I'll be in the 150's by mid June.. With the help of my new coach- who is a friend I've known since 1988- May was a spectacular month of training: over 60 hours of quality training and over 1000 miles ridden on the bike. Last week I did 320 miles! This is a rest week in advance of Saturday's big event, where I will compete in the Masters 30+, followed by the 35+ and lastly I will do the Professional race, which is the main event.. I rode from work and met up with some bicyclists at 5:30 today.. One of them recognized me because we often passed eachother in the morning commute.. "You work at x company, don't you? I've seen you riding there in the mornings.." Yup, that's me. About an hour into our ride (there were about 12 of us) the "coin drops" and he says "you're Murat, aren't you!". So not only was I the anonymous biker he'd been seeing, I was also the blogger he'd been reading. Dumb f--k that I am, I forgot to ask him his name... I've listed a bunch of old woodworking tools on ebay. There's still a ton of inventory left from that last auction I attended in March. Need to liquidate it because I can use the money to cover my sky-rocketing bike racing expenses.. Today I stopped at my sponsor bike shop to pick up an empty bike box, so that I can ship a new kanun to California.. one which my father built of course. In walks a young man who inquires whether the shop buys used bikes. I overhear and after he walks out, I chase him down and ask him what he's selling. It's a time trial bike- something I can use. As I hand him a slip of paper with my name and e-mail on it, what does he say? "Sen Turk musun?" Kind of cool if you ask me.. Did I mention my weight is down in the 160s?! I'm getting thin as a rail.. with all kinds of impressive ripples in my leg muscles and all kinds of threatening looking veins appearing under the skin. Sounds gross, but it's what bike racers want to see.. Probably one of the reasons why we shave the legs.. to see how strong they look. The real reason of course, is to be able to easily massage and easily dress wounds after crashing... Bandages don't stick too well to hair.. Am I completely obsessively fanatical about this crazy sport or what? That's how it needs to be right now. Those who have become the best at anything, most likely have an element of fanaticism feuling the fire in the belly.. Blogging has become a chore.. My head's not into it much lately for obvious reasons.. I do what I can do from work, and that's about it.. Can't comment or moderate comments at work, thanks to the internet gestapo.. Work.. Ugh. I am feeling so burnt out and tired of the same old projects which never seem to end.. I don't know how many millions of dollars of projects now occupy my "plate".. but they all taste disgusting, and give not one shred of satisfaction.. I'm sorely in need of a get away.. a trip to Antalya and any one of her countless all-inclusive holiday villages. Why not just go? Well that may happen in September if I have my way. My little red car needs four new tires, all new brakes, a power steering pump and an inspection, as it expired in December 2006. I take a chance by driving it. I can be fined for the expired inspection.. But how does one justify $1500 worth of improvements and maintenance on a vehicle that has a book value of only $3000? Safety, for one.. I may just change the brakes myself as I did last time.. We have cats! A street cat which lives beneath our "outhouse" (it's a WC built in 1870, complete with three wooden toilet seats, all side by side) she recently had four kittens. I've been putting out milk for mommy, so that she can give good milk to her babies. No idea what she manages to kill and eat otherwise.. Aaaaand I'm done here. Thanks for reading.

03 June 2007

Robert Gates to Turkey: Do as we SAY, not as we DO

As the Turkish military prepares for a cross border offensive into Northern Iraq, the US conducts a Naval bombardment of Al Qaeda targets in northern Somalia. Never mind the ongoing and illegal US occupation of Iraq..
Hypocrisy at it's most deliberate and shameless, wouldn't you say? An enormous insult to Turks and to our government and to all of the fallen Turkish soldiers and civilians. Dont you think?
CNN story

01 June 2007

Silent but deadly...?

Riding in to work this morning.. on the bike path.. and I spy two turtles, about 8 feet apart, digging holes behind them presumably for the deposit of eggs. These things were big- about the size of a bike helmet.. So I double back to get a closer look. When I'm satisfied that I've beaten them both in our respective staring contests, I head towards work. Bike feels weird.. Bouncy.. I look down and see that the air in my rear tire is making a slow exit. (and you thought I was going to write about flatulence?) Confound it.. I hate changing tires that are covered with the intestines of caterpillars and the rotting petals of spring flowers.. It's bad enough that I'm late for work because I had to take out the trash and the recycling in a mad dash to the curb while the sanitation guy waited for me... Now I had a legitimate excuse though, so I call in and let my masters know that I'm running late.. That mini carbon pump is not good for anything over 90 pounds, that's for sure. What a difference 10-20 pounds makes. Kept looking down because the ride felt so soft.. So I'll be riding home sans spare tube tonight (I don't carry patch kits- I'm no good at using them- in fact there's about 20 flatted tubes hanging in the garage- I can afford to just keep buying new ones- especially after a similar program I followed with tubulars for about 20 years- inner tubes are chump change)
Last night's ride- two twenty minute intervals with a 15 minute spin in between, consisting of 2 minute criss-cross between CP12 and CP60. Ouch. My watts are nothing to write home about, but the improvement which the Peaks software indicates for the last 4 weeks is pretty good, even without any substantial rest in all of this time. Next week is rest week. Nothing over zone 3.. until the Nutmeg Criterium of course.

Red Bull Air Race World Series in Istanbul

Red Bull Air Race World Series pilots fly over the Bosphorus May 31, 2007. (TURKEY