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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

22 June 2007


I'm required to fast today until noon time, when I will be meeting a nurse at the house who will take my blood and urine samples, take my measurements, pulse, blood pressure, weight and money.. all for the legalized gambling racket we call life insurance. Yes soon I will be worth more money when dead, than while living. Hopefully I can make it until noon without eating. At 2:00 AM I was up and had a bowl of Raisin Bran (topped off with some Lucky Charms). Usually by this time (8:30) I've had a big bowl of Raisin Bran at 6:00 am, and a warm buttered croisant and a med hot coffee from the Dunk. Usually by 10:30 I also scarf down a "Nut Naturals" Powerbar.. I've ridden to work today (as I do every day- no need to make a big deal out of it) and thank goodness it's a rest day: HR was 106 avg, watts 122 avg, duration 47:24, distance 13.14 miles, speed 15.9 mph avg. A real sleeper.
Yesterday morning I weighed in exactly 165. THIS morning, I was astonished to find myself back up to 169! And this was after a skipped breakfast (fasting) and after my daily morning elimination, which was "continental" in proportions.. Surprising.. We had Mexican for dinner last night and the portions were huge.. but like I said, in the AM it was all gone.. so how does one gain four pounds in one 24 hour period? Was the Mexican food too salty? It didn't seem to be! I did gulp down two large Diet Cokes and I did help dear wife finish her dessert.. Serves me right.. Maybe I'm just retaining water. Some coffee would fix that.. but I can't.. Fasting.. Crap on a stick. This sucks. I mean, I can fast, but the concentration and focus is gone.. That's what sucks. We should all go hungry occasionally and feel what it's like for the other 80% of the world's population. Most Americans have never felt hunger.. We tend to eat before we're hungry (whenever it's time to eat!) and we tend to eat until we're absolutely full, like we're preparing for some natural disaster induced famine or something..
"America runs on Dunkin". How do you like that one? Rachel Ray telling you how it's so "quick and delish"? "Quilicious"? and how everyone should have an iced coffee as a "pick-me-up"? Does this guerilla campaign to fatten America with sugary donuts, bagels, cookies, iced coffee and hot coffee, not disgust you? Aren't you completely sickened with the brazen effort by Dunkin Donuts to create a chemical dependence on their products? I am. No shame whatsoever... Even the radio announcer's voice is such that he sounds like he's over weight. It's like a subconscious affirmation and acceptance of a weight problem. If that's not deliberate, I don't know what is.. Rachel Ray.. you're a shameless sell-out..


Anonymous said...

Yes, but Dunkin Donuts is sooo good. Didn't you say that you usually have a med coffee from Dunkin? I guess they got you sucked in too.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Yes every day.. I'm a blatant hypocrit! At least I don't go marching down the bike path with false hopes of losing weight, while fisting a 1 liter iced coffee sugar bomb! Just cancel the iced coffee and stay home! You'll lose more weight! See it everyday..
Yes I drink one regular hot coffee every morning from DD. That's it. Cheaper than going to Fourbucks, I mean Starbucks.

nhrider said...

Do you mean Starsucks? Coffee is the best "doping" product for cyclist. Witin reason.


Murat, I have a similar appt next week, but when I was told that I should fast before the examination, I asked them for the earliest appt... which is 7 am... cause if I do not have my hour long breakfast, you do not wanna be around me, I am annoying, angry, a total different personality...

My american friends do not understand how I can have an hour long breakfast every day, as I do not drink any coffee or eat bagel/donuts. Instead of explaining them what turkish breakfast is, I invited 14 of them last week to my apt, and they were amazed. Turkish breakfast rocks!

alex beech said...


I have no idea how I ended up on your site. I'm a Venezuelan American, and I like soccer, but other than that, nothing in common. I'm a Muhrat wannabe. I wish I'd wake up and bike ride, and I wish I had the discipline to weigh myself every day.

Mexican food? Are you kidding me? It's loaded with crap. It's the true crap-on-a-stick. That's why it's so good, but with the sodium and carbs, and the dessert, forget it. It's take a couple of days

OK, I hope your test results turn out OK, as I'm sure they will, so that when you die at the age of 123, your great, great grandchildren have a ton of money to bury you with...

Take care.

Murat Altinbasak said...

alex welcome to my humble blog. By the way, riding my bike at these insane intensities everyday takes a lot more discipline than getting on the scale!

alex beech said...

Yes, I didn't mean to equate the two. Let me re-rephrase that. I wish I had the discipline to bike ride every day. Even at the gym.

But I don't.

Did it take a long time to develop the habit?