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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

18 June 2007

Abridged Guide to Turkish Blogs-Volume 4

A Space Odyysey in English nothing since November 1 2006! Unacceptable.
Aegean Disclosure nothing since Feb 14th.. ZZZzzzZZZzzz.
almost turkish recipes Food blog. Popular. Excellent.
alpkup Three weddings and a fun.. trip to Turkey.
and misadventures of Is it a phrase? is it a sentence? Please help me Schoolhouse Rock!
Athanasia's Daily Innocent by reason of insanity. Should marry my brother.
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook Another excellent food blog (time for a new blogroll category)
Carpetblogger it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.. Constantine is no more.
crebro one of my dear wife's favorites.
dbadioxide Doesn't care about Bjarne Riis taking performance enhancing drugs. Non smoker.
Derin Sular Multi-tasker. Trailblazer. All over the net like "white on rice".
Energy Newsletter TURKEY Informative.
Erkan's field diary Defunct.
Erkan's New Field Diary The best. Should marry my sister.
Fabulous Finds Apathetic. Anonymous.
Farid's crazy world... Loves nice cars. Should also marry my sister.
Feridun in Japan One post per month. ZZZzzzZZZzzz
fikirbaz:com Click 'refresh' repeatedly to see new content (header picture rotates)
Finduk Change your setting so we can see more than one post, please!
Gulay, Galatasaray and the dogs Requires no introduction. and her parents are pretty cool too. Hakan Aydin Bostonite. Statistics junkie.
Icarus Redeemed Turkish American Christian. Will not blow you up.
ignore me if you can Immensely amusing accent. Stranger. Should also marry my brother.
Live from Gybria Tells a good story.
me and others Bachelor for one week. Translation specialist.
Narrator More pictures would be nice.
NEW YORK MUHTARI Doesn't love coming here.
Obur Kedi [Glutton Cat] Soon to be moved to new "FOOD" blogroll
Once More With Feeling... MIA. Where's Bessy?
Radical Disbelief Relocated.
Sailing Nomad Survivor. Living the good life.
Six Arrows Another missing person. Eloped with Bessy?
spooky sense by garfucius Okay.. you got me.. lately I read blogs even less than I blog myself.
Talk Turkey Wealthy and well connected. Perfectionist. Single. Good with kids.
The Infidel Might blow you up if you deserve to be.
The Need To Know The need to forget? If not for the good looks and good sense of humor...
the thinking blog - ilker yoldas One who I once mistook for a woman.
The Turkish Invasion Our lone double agent, infiltrating the Russians.
The White Path Professional. Published author. Avoids shooting off the mouth as I do.
Theoretically Speaking! Fellow Rhode Islander.
Tugba Karademir Ice skater. Canadian Turk. Student. Easy on the eyes.
TURKEY FOOTBALL (SOCCER) New and improved.
Turkish Business Good content. Period.
Turkish Digest The news.
Turkish Torque Pioneer. Excellent. Soon to be obsolete (Use the new one!)
wAnNaBe NeRd German Turk living in Sweden. Needs typing lessons.
We are the Turks I'm still pining about how I suck too much to make this list!
Zen in the Kitchen Food blog no 4! Second to last on this list.
ZiddiBLOG Liked the Sopranos ending. (Pfffft!) Lives where I resolve never to go.

Okay, I did that for the therapeutic effect of visiting every blog on the list..(LOL) Let's not get all offended and what not.. it's all "tongue in cheek".. I was originally intending to go into my Blogroll account and delete probably about half of the list.. Eliminate all those which I either don't like, don't read, suck, or who snubbed me with no reciprocation.. Then I thought to myself, "don't be a weenie, Murat." Dump the task onto your readers. Ask them: "Which of the above links have you never visited? Which have you visited once and never returned to? Which ones just friggin suck?" For you to participate, I need to add incentive. So I am changing settings so that everyone can post anonymously. (I will still moderate though- don't want the hate-comments directed at me to get through!) So have at it. Tell us which blogs need to disappear and take a dirt nap. Tell us which ones deserve a NOBEL Prize. Go wild. Just leave me out of it. Lately, the 'suck knob' is turned up pretty high at Amerikan Turk, no need to rub my nose in it.


Idil said...

I hope you're brother is cute. You keep telling me I need to marry him!

super hero said...

i regularly read some of those blogs. my vote goes to Turkish Invasion. the guy is funny.

and if i can vote for more than one, i vote for the unhappy girl anastasia, and ignore me if you can, and me from "me and others".

Oz Kanka said...

Gulay's blog sucks, but I still manage to check it out every day

Finduk O. said...

i just enabled my blog to show more than one post on the homepage.
now how do i limit how much of each post appears on that page? i tried settings -> site feed-> blog posts feed (short) and that did not work. HELP :)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Food blogs...are so boring...recipe's everywhere...

Erkan is good, Talk Turkey is good, Mustafa of White Path, like the guy, personal and in his writings, Idil have talent...but what I miss on most Turkey's blog's is....humor...and interaction...
Btw, Chronicals of a Turkish girls is a nice blog...
And an American Turk, not bad...but stop with that Footbal crab..)): AJAX, PSV, AZ and Feijenoord are my clubs...and Besiktas..))


ooppsss, can I blame it on my hectic schedule with full time work, full time school and blogging, photographing at the same time :-)) and on top of that free events in NYC are in full bloom ...

I cannot wait for my graduation so I can spend more time with the things I like the most.. :-))

I promise I would stop by more often...

Murat Altinbasak said...

idil he's a cute all right, but a little young.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Super Kahraman, enjoy your week. I am sorely in need of being left completely alone.. Envious.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Finduk, I don't know! That's something I have never tried. I don't think blogger can do it. Maybe another of these folks will chime in.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hans.. My blood runs yellow and blue, so Pffffffft!
Who's this Turkish girl you speak of?

Murat Altinbasak said...

new york muhtari: Thanks but there's not much to see here lately anyway! I contribute more to my "Bisikletci" blog these days..

Murat Altinbasak said...

oz kanka san,
Gulay will no doubt take your bait and fire back a good thrashing.

super hero said...

you shoul reallt check out this turkish girl hans talks about. you can find her at

now, i cant prove it but i have a feeling that she is the turkish gal i used to read but disappeared after a few posts.

derinsular said...

1- Thanks for the compliments, just trying to do what I can.

2- How many girls should marry your brother? I guess I counted two, but you probably have more in mind!

Anonymous said...

haaaa haaa noldu kimse blogunu ziyaret etmiyo galiba

Metin said...


maybe you need to start and tagline it (don't play with matches unless you marry him)

I can help you market it, as long as I am not a case study.

dbadioxide mirror said...

Bjarne who??

I just remain speechless in daneland these days.

Thanks for mentioning and for you comment.

Burcu said...

A little young? Be specific please! Tell me his age and where he lives and dont worry for the rest :)

Anonymous said...

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Infidel said...

Honored and late to comment, as usual. I hope all is well with you, but it seems you are preoccupied with trying to hook up your brother and sister.

As far as blogs that need to be excommunicated, your judgment is as good as mine.


Infidel said...

Anonymous kardeşim,

"Türk olmak faşist olmaktır, vatanına, yurduna, tarihine sahip çıktığınca. Türk olmak demokrat ve çağdaş olmaktır, vatanına, yurduna, tarihine sahip çıkmadığınca."

Ne biçim cümle oğlum bu? Belli ki 1980’in Türk’lüğünü iyi anlatmışlar sana. Ama maalesef insan olmayı daha hiç anlamamışsın. Çık şu mağarandan artıkta yüzün güneşi görsün, gözlerinde etrafındaki yeni dünyayı.

Sınıfta kaldın koçum, git otur yerine.

Anonymous said...

oturuyom hocam zaten merak etme, kimse de kaldıramaz.
Sen gene bırak sınıfta, 80'lerele ilgili spinlerinizi artık kimse yemiyo.
Galiba dokundu, eee yarası olan gocunur.
Bak 2000'lerdeyiz artık ve olay bu, ister inanın ister inanmayın.
Siz yalayın yutun yeni dünya düzenini, hazımsızlık yapar uyaralım.

Infidel said...

Uyan, koçum, uyan. Bu dünya senden benden ve anlattığın Türk’lüktende çok daha büyüktür. Diktatörleri faşistleri mazide bırakmışda seni benimi dinleyecek şimdide? Insanlığı anlamaktadır geleceğimiz, şunu anla.

Bende AKP’li değilim ve dünya batsa bile onlara oy vermem ama senin anlattığın faşistliğede karşıyım. Iki ucu boklu deynek yapma bu hesabı.

Anonymous said...

Nasıl faşist olduk şimdi birden bire? Vatanımızı sevdik diye mi? Hayırlısı yani.
Kimmiş dünya onu söyle sen. Küçük diyen oldu mu? Hangi diktatörün bahsi geçmiş de burada, siz de mazide bırakmışsınız?
İnsanlığı anlamayalım diyen oldu mu? Öööle ani saldırı, adrenalin artışı niye?
Hemen yapıştır etiketi.

Gulay said...

Infidel and anonymous, would you like to share your thoughts with the rest of Ameringlish

Finduk O. said...

gulay, i think there's a bit of confusion (anonymous and infidel) just from miscommunication between those two. infidel quoted the article either written or copied onto this site by anon about "being turkish." there's a line there that "being turkish is being a fascist when you are patriotic and being democratic only when you dont care for your country/people/history." thats a loose translation but i expect that it is satire, or rather, it means that europe or some non-turkish entity can wrongly label you as "fascist" if you are a turkish patriot or "democratic" if you are a turkish sell-out.
at least that is how i understood the passage, as satire. but if you take it literally (at face value) then you end up with two guys writing back and forth like that :)