America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

05 June 2007

Random Pointlessness

Murat's too fast for the camera at last weekend's Pro Hartford Criterium
This post might seem like an out of control fire hose.. You won't mind. Things I'm happy about! Weight is down to 166-167 range! (75-76 kg) It has taken way too long to drop 10 pounds this year.. At this rate, I'll be in the 150's by mid June.. With the help of my new coach- who is a friend I've known since 1988- May was a spectacular month of training: over 60 hours of quality training and over 1000 miles ridden on the bike. Last week I did 320 miles! This is a rest week in advance of Saturday's big event, where I will compete in the Masters 30+, followed by the 35+ and lastly I will do the Professional race, which is the main event.. I rode from work and met up with some bicyclists at 5:30 today.. One of them recognized me because we often passed eachother in the morning commute.. "You work at x company, don't you? I've seen you riding there in the mornings.." Yup, that's me. About an hour into our ride (there were about 12 of us) the "coin drops" and he says "you're Murat, aren't you!". So not only was I the anonymous biker he'd been seeing, I was also the blogger he'd been reading. Dumb f--k that I am, I forgot to ask him his name... I've listed a bunch of old woodworking tools on ebay. There's still a ton of inventory left from that last auction I attended in March. Need to liquidate it because I can use the money to cover my sky-rocketing bike racing expenses.. Today I stopped at my sponsor bike shop to pick up an empty bike box, so that I can ship a new kanun to California.. one which my father built of course. In walks a young man who inquires whether the shop buys used bikes. I overhear and after he walks out, I chase him down and ask him what he's selling. It's a time trial bike- something I can use. As I hand him a slip of paper with my name and e-mail on it, what does he say? "Sen Turk musun?" Kind of cool if you ask me.. Did I mention my weight is down in the 160s?! I'm getting thin as a rail.. with all kinds of impressive ripples in my leg muscles and all kinds of threatening looking veins appearing under the skin. Sounds gross, but it's what bike racers want to see.. Probably one of the reasons why we shave the legs.. to see how strong they look. The real reason of course, is to be able to easily massage and easily dress wounds after crashing... Bandages don't stick too well to hair.. Am I completely obsessively fanatical about this crazy sport or what? That's how it needs to be right now. Those who have become the best at anything, most likely have an element of fanaticism feuling the fire in the belly.. Blogging has become a chore.. My head's not into it much lately for obvious reasons.. I do what I can do from work, and that's about it.. Can't comment or moderate comments at work, thanks to the internet gestapo.. Work.. Ugh. I am feeling so burnt out and tired of the same old projects which never seem to end.. I don't know how many millions of dollars of projects now occupy my "plate".. but they all taste disgusting, and give not one shred of satisfaction.. I'm sorely in need of a get away.. a trip to Antalya and any one of her countless all-inclusive holiday villages. Why not just go? Well that may happen in September if I have my way. My little red car needs four new tires, all new brakes, a power steering pump and an inspection, as it expired in December 2006. I take a chance by driving it. I can be fined for the expired inspection.. But how does one justify $1500 worth of improvements and maintenance on a vehicle that has a book value of only $3000? Safety, for one.. I may just change the brakes myself as I did last time.. We have cats! A street cat which lives beneath our "outhouse" (it's a WC built in 1870, complete with three wooden toilet seats, all side by side) she recently had four kittens. I've been putting out milk for mommy, so that she can give good milk to her babies. No idea what she manages to kill and eat otherwise.. Aaaaand I'm done here. Thanks for reading.


Burcu said...

You have your bike. And this makes you very lucky. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing. It's like I dont produce anything and I feel useless. When I see your photos while riding your bike, I feel better.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Was watching the Tour de France when I was a kid, even watched it live, nearby Lyon!
But since Greg entered the tour caravan, I lots my appetite for it.

nhrider said...


Did you read about the guy who won Powerball ($220 million). He spent $65,000 on bicycles and only $14,000 on cars.

Now that's obssed! This guys my hero!!!

William Hicks said...


Where you guys been riding? I am that old Steel frame (Purple 1986 Serotta) guy from the bike path... I know you moved, so I thought I would see where you be these days. Hey, I am lookin' at a Cervelo... might get it...Looks nice, but have yet to ride it.

Catch you later,

Bill Hicks

Murat Altinbasak said...

Bill, where have YOU been? I've been commuting everyday on that same bike path.. sometimes meeting up with the group rides which meet at the church on Pippin Orchard Road (Tues & Thurs 5:30 pm sharp) There's a race at Ninigret this Sat and Cox Crit downtown on Sunday, FYI.