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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

29 June 2007

Waiting for 5 o'clock to happen

I am absolutely buried with work, but my sense of urgency is kaput. There comes a certain point where you're burdened with so much that it's practically a valid excuse to drop the ball or screw things up. I'm taking things one task at a time, or else I feel overwhelmed. Whatever I do manage to accomplish, is going to get done right the first time.. I'm in the business of remodeling of old schools and fit-up of new schools. It's T minus two months before these schools open up again or become occupied.. Needless to say, summer is my busiest time of year. Is it 5 o'clock yet?
Riding to work this morning, as I'm going past the Jewish cemetary on Post Road, I couldn't help but wonder how stressful an occupation it is to work at a cemetary. I saw a few guys peacefully doing some landscaping around the tombstones and thought "Who's ever gonna complain about the quality of their work?" and even if someone did screw up, can it cost anyone any money? Pfffft! My job requires me to make decisions which could potentially put this company out of business or cost hundreds of thousands of dollars... I hate construction. I want to go riding now please.


nhrider said...

It's 5 O'Clock somewhere Murat!

the Husband said...

murat, I hear you and for me as CM on a $675m contract to build a new station under Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan mistakes and changes are measured by millions!!!!!

alex beech said...

Hi Murat,

I don't know if it was yacking about it, but today is the third day I've gone to the gym. Not bad. First day, twenty minutes, and now I'm back up to forty five cardio, and my 450 sit-ups. Yikes. I hate lethargy. It can really mess your life up.

Regarding cemetery workers, of course there are people who bitch. Those of us who visit our family members. I lost my Dad and stepdad, though I don't visit them as much as I'd like. I can tell you that if I found the grounds a mess, I'd go to management and complain.

Don't worry about the big picture at work. Just focus on the little decisions, and everything else will be OK.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Andy I don't envy your position.
Alex keep doing it. Make it into a habit to work out, to push some limits, feel some metered doses of pain and discomfort. Your body is a temple. Worship it. Challenge it and be amazed at how it adapts to training stress.
nhrider: Were you at Wells Ave Sunday? I was the only Union Velo kit there!

nhrider said...

Sorry Murat. Wy wife had a "honey do" list a mile long. I will try to make it there soon. Sounds like you had a good race.

nhrider said...

Got my ass handed to me tonight at NHIS (Wells type race). The 48 miles of hills, plus all the beer and bad food yesterday didn't help. Plus, I am depressed at being 43 tomorrow!