America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 July 2007


Relaxing after the Cox Criterium in Providence

Tall ships in Newport Rhode Island

"Drillin it" at Wells Ave Criterium July 1st. 7th place


gewilli said...

nice wrist band...

we went down to Tall ships too...

pretty cool...

alex beech said...

Hey Murat,

Still exercising...I have to admit that it feels great, though I'm waking up groggier than usual.

I found yesterday's post so interesting - especially the responses. It makes me realize that there are worlds out there I know very little about. I've known Turks and Armenians, but I've never buried myself in your politics. The closest I came was as an analyst at an investment bank, when we met with Turkish finance officials, including your central bank governor. All really smart. I shouldn't say this because it might offend someone, but I hope that Turkey is able to maintain its secular and very professional approach to politics. I've seen that erode elsewhere.

Speaking of which...I suppose that being Venezuelan, I easily get overwhelmed with our own mess.

Kelly Stuart, a great playwright I wrote under at Columbia, loves Turkey and recently wrote a play about Kurds which will be produced at the Longwharf Theatre in Conn.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragements. Any good sites you would recommend to read a little about the history of your country?


nhrider said...

The beer looks good.

dbadioxide mirror said...

as said once before, you look right into the eyes! that is so cool.

very nice one.

Kaan said...


Speaking of tall ships, check out one of the UK's grandest:)