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13 July 2007

Vote for Ayse Tukrukcu and Saliha Ermez

From friend and fellow Turkish Rhode Islander Ozge:
I recently learned that some Turkish feminist non-govermental organizations are supporting two independent women candidates in the coming elections, Ayse Tukrukcu and Saliha Ermez. What's so interesting about this? Well, when a group of intelligent well-educated activist women come together to support used-to-be prostitutes who held government certificates to do their jobs, it's interesting I think.
I love my country in the respect that such candidacies are "possible" in Turkey. It is so possible that there is an election campaign for these women driven by real intellectuals and illiterates alike with the hope that these women will fight best for the rights of "en diptekiler" (the ones at the very bottom) in their words. This is hope that first they can gather 60,000 "en diptekiler" to vote for these fellow "en dipteki"s and then when they enter the parliament they will beat up the "en tepedekiler" (the ones at the very top) real hard.
Once again, the basic principle of being competent for the job has been a tad overlooked, but one cannot help but want them to be elected from the bottom of the heart. Its a great joy just to imagine the scene where one of these candidates meets Hillary Clinton as the welcoming committee and whispers into her ear with no shame that she is no less whore than herself..
Well I wouldn't, but I bet one of the "en dipteki" would have the courage to do that when needed..


Ozge Can said...

I can't help but add the link to an exceptionally competent independent candidate, Baskin Oran:

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse they are possible. What's the fuss for?
We're not SaudiArabia or something, not yet anyway.

I bet this is an effort from a some corrupted, silly EU funded integration organisation.

I say this because smell fish. There are serious security issues in Turkey, but the agenda is watered down by important but, not so important issues like so called equal rights for women.

By the way, Hillary Clinton is an evil emperialist Turk-hater, no Turk should have time for her. Also please remember she has noway left the 'profession' yet. On contrary, she's deep into it, up to her neck.
So, Tukrukcu and Ermez can only have one thing to say to Mrs. Clinton, 'give up!'..

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

as far as I read all the programs of all the parties, I can not agree more that he is an appealing, honest, social, and exceptional candidate.
this guy really knows where he stands for and its fun listening to him as well.