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16 July 2007

What do those arrows mean?

A boy walks past a Turkish flag as he carries the flag of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) during a party rally in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep July 14, 2007.  REUTERS/Umit Bektas


Emre Kizilkaya said...

"Six Arrows" of CHP, which symbolize:

1- Popularism
2- Revolutionarism
3- Republicanism
4- Secularism
5- Nationalism
6- State-ism

bikea said...

Well color me embarrassed! I should know this stuff. Thank you Emre. Now I understand what the blog "SIX ARROWS" signifies..

Sean said...

Anonymous said...

Finduk O. said...

actually the six arrows aren't CHP's six arrows, but ataturk's six arrows. i know people use those two words pretty much synonymously (CHP-Ataturk), and i also know that during ataturk's time there was only one political party, chp, and that was the party he was in. but the people in the party didn't get together and make up the six arrows, ataturk himself put them together (as well as putting the party together). sorry, i know this is a really small differentiation between the two. almost like symantics. but there IS a difference.

Emre Kizilkaya said...
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