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02 August 2007

This is not a stunt artist

At first glance, I thought for sure it was a stunt.. nope.. another execution in Iran. Let me add that Iran's record of executing minors is horrific and barbaric. Is Islam out of control? Is Iran going off the deep end? I feel less and less connected to the faith of my elders with each passing day. Explaining such issues to our four year old is going to be difficult. Later on of course.. Frankly, I don't care what faith he chooses in adulthood, no worries at all. A good clean heart means more than anything else.. But when I'm asked one day why Iranians and other like minded sick fucks kill their children for silly [and natural] hormonal crimes, the answer is most certainly NOT going to be "because G-d commands it". Fuck that.
Majid Kavousifar waves to the crowd before his execution by hanging in Tehran August 2, 2007. Iran hanged Majid and Hossein Kavousifar, the killers of a judge who had jailed several reformist dissidents, before a crowd of hundreds of people on Thursday.


Finduk O. said...

they mentioned this event on turkish news this morning on my way to work--they said lookers-on actually video-taped and took pictures of the hanging using their cell phones! I guess that's what technology is all about, huh? You think, had there been camera phones during the lynchings in the South (states) that people'd do the same thing? Or you think it's totally a regional or islamic thing?

Anonymous said...

Oh they would do the same thing. There are sick people everwhere, not just in the Isamic world.

Warren said...

In fact a most common aspect of lynchings in the U.S.South was photographic record of the event, a picture of the mutilated victim surrounded by a crowd, a postcard suvenir of the event that was sold in great volume, on the scene. A rare collection of these momento photo postcards were displayed publicly by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Murat said...

People are so blinded by their fear of all that is/all who are different, that sometimes 'different' evolves into 'incorrect', then into 'immoral', 'offensive', 'blasphmous', 'against G-d', 'evil', 'unworthy of living', etc.. until the only difference left is that one one is dead while the other still draws breath. Isn't humanity the best?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear Murat, looks like that Turkey finally 'discovers' what happens there.
This 'hanging' is still not 'that bad' if I showed on my log a clip how they are really 'hanged'.
And what about stoning of women?