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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

23 September 2007


This place, this site.. for the past many months, perhaps a year or more, I've really failed to give visitors anything compelling, controversial, intelligent or even mildly interesting. There's a new fork in the road.. Either I bring Amerikan Turk to a dignified ending, or else I must really breath some life into it! Not sure which direction to take. The two year anniversary for this blog passed on July 5th.. Time to shit or get off the pot.. as the saying goes.


Metin said...

Hey Murat,

Maybe you should do what Hans is doing, and invite 'guest' authors who are also Amerikan Turks to 'cross-reference' each other's posts on their blogs.

I myself am in the process of going in a new direction. I am not sure what that means for TalkTurkey.

But I haven't gotten much support from any readers. And it's beginning to be not fun anymore.

I feel your pain!

Murat said...

Metin I've considered this idea before, but never really reached out to anyone to be my guest. Maybe I should try.. Otherwise, I think I really need to put my thoughts and positions out there, and stop being a weenie and stop caring about what anyone will think of me. I used to be a lot more outspoken. Part of the problem is the bike racing in summer. Leaves little/no time to devote to Amerikan Turk. On the other hand, I have been collecting a good number of readers at the other blog, "Bisikletci". (Union Velo Blog)

Jake said...

I sure hope you don't give it up. I totally know what you mean though. I found some great inspiration last week just by looking through my contacts' flickr accounts. (See the my post about the pig picture.) I've found a lot of peace in just posting when I have something to say. I used to pressure myself to write every day, but I think writing without anything to say just doesn't pay. I guess what I'm saying is; don't give up even though posting is slimmer in the summer. I think you'll probably find new things to write about as the days get shorter and the biking season winds down. I like your blog and hope it doesn't die.

p.s. I agree with your comment that you will probably add fuel to your own fire by commenting on more controversial topics. As a foreigner in Turkey, it's always hard for me to comment on difficulult issues, knowing that it may affect my personal safety, but I don't think you have to worry about that.

dbadioxide mirror said...

Well, I am getting there to consider an end to my blog too. I missed appearently Metin's call but I remember I was in for the idea to be as a guest of yours.
It seems like if one of us these days stop, the other ones will be very close to stop too. I don't know.. Shud we? I know I am not a great commenter but then again, still here I am. kinda..

(whats up with this word verification, am I banned or something?)

Gulay said...

well since sean and various anonymous types have stopped turning this into their personal playground things did quieten down. But then you hardly seem to post anything worth commenting on these days.....I mean nothing on the bounty on the swedish cartoonist, nothing on Erdogans attempt to Iranianise Turkey etc. so are you surprised. I understand that your time is spread thin and that may be most topics are just a repeat of old ones but even and be damned..the Istanbulian and Hans with all his grammatical errors and odd arguments seems to be taking the high ground at the moment....thats why I stick mostly to soccer and successful teams that are not in Kadikoy....and dammit there was a time you would bite but even the Husband is more controversial than you and lets face hes a former master of the world or as he says "Those of you who think you know it all are extremely annoying to those of us who do..."

Murat said...

No worries about that Jake.. Thanks for the support and encouragement. I get into these moods occasionally, might be the moon or the alignment of planets..

dba, do you really want to get your reputation stained by contributing here? LOL. Seriously, the only thing holding me back is that I want to have a periodic rotation of guests and I fear there could be hard feeling's when someone's time is up..

Gulay there's only so much interesting stuff out there to weigh in on.. much of it worn threadbare, dated, been there done that. Sadly, we need fresh interesting crisis to feed the fire. Lately I'm in an apathetic mood.. and find myself more interested in tinkering with Facebook.

Noel said...

Murat, keep at it. I am always interested in your posts, whether about Turkey, politics, or bicycling.
I have just about abandoned politics on Randomview, and currently only post pictures I have taken with my new camera.

Murat said...

Noel, I've noticed the pictures! I really liked a lot of them. Tried to view the wedding pictures but it wouldn't work for me. Wanted to congratulate you and your son/new daughter. Take care and thanks fo the comment.