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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

04 September 2007

Hans & Oz..

Cant do the image verification so.. heres my comment reply
Yes Oz.. I cant seem to find the comma either.. and I've given up on the apostrophy.
We are transferring to Istanbul Sat early morning from Mudanya..
Im gonna need your number as I dont yet know how I can be reached!

I trust I wont ever spend 200YTL for a fish dinner for four ever again.. Never again. That sucked. I dont understand how anyone in this country affords anything. I make a lot of money yet I'm still feeling sticker shock.. Everythings cheaper in the US.. What the fuck is up with NINE DOLLARS for a gallon of gas? Who sets these prices? What are they smoking? Americans piss and moan about paying 2.75!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE F UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Next American who complains about it near me will get punched in the head and kicked in the crotch. It cost me 100 dollars to fill the tank of a god damned KIA RIO!


Hans said...

Ha Murat, be prepared: Istanbul is twice that expensive as the rest of Turkey...)) What do you think about a double whiskey for 72 YTL..))
Just send a SMS.
Call you later today...

Idil said...


Oz Kanka said...

"Welcome to Turkey, where the petrol and electricity are possibly the most expensive in Europe"

Not the best tourism advertisement

Hans said...

Electra and Gaz are more expensive in West Europe..))

nhrider said...

Thanks for the insight to what others pay for gas. i will not complain too much anymore.

Oz Kanka said...

Are you sure Hans. I'm sure I saw a graffic the other day that showed that Turkish petrol was the most expensive in Europe. I could be wrong though.

Oz Kanka said...

This study is more than a year old... but I'm sure it is still pretty much right.

"Turkey topped an exclusive petrol price poll of 25 nations which revealed Europe as the most expensive continent on the planet to buy fuel. European nations occupy the top 13 positions, 11 of them with prices above $2.00 per litre."

the whole thing: Click here