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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

25 September 2007

Road Rash: Not for the Squeamish!

Okay.. Caulk this up as the most disgusting post I've ever given you.. If you have a weakness for the sight of blood and/or asphalt abrasion injuries, do not scroll down (yet I know you will anyway) With all of the well wishers asking how I'm healing up, I owe it to them to give the most accurate answer possible. Pictures speak a thousand words! I'm healing fast. No infections. The body is a miraculously remarkable regenerating machine with natural self defense mechanisms.. even pain killers! After a physical injury, endorphins activate opiate receptors and produce an analgesic effect, alleviating severe pain. This doesn't last for very long, regrettably. Above: Two days after the crash. Below: Six days later.

Above: Day after the crash. Below: One week later.

Above: Day after he crash. Below: One week later. (Yes I've been picking at this one and snipping away the arm hairs that are caught in the scab.)


Anonymous said...

Gecmis Olsun!

Maybe it's time to retire or start using steroids old man!


How're you enjoying house arrest, I mean rest . . .


Hello Murat,

I could not look all the photos (the first one was impressive enough) but how are you feeling now? Are you in the hospital, home???

When I was little, my sister decided that she was old enough to ride her bike on a busy street and boom she ended with permanenet scars on her face.. and because of her accident I never learned to ride.. Seeing your photos reminded that accident and made me realize I am never going to learn this sport...for the fear of getting scars like yours or my sister's.

Wishing you well.

Korkak Muhtar

Murat said...

House Arrest? I went to work the day after the accident! It sucked.
new york muhtari: Please learn to ride a bike. You don't know what you're missing!
I never went to the hospital. Took care of the first aid myself (I carry a big first aid kit with me in the car with me when I race) No serious painkillers either (except Advil). I like to monitor the pain and make sure there isn't any internal injury. Thanks btw! I'm aout 80% healed up. Just a lot of itchy scabs which I'm picking at..