America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

17 September 2007

Some recent pictures..

Our pride and joy, Reis.. A fish out of water, with fingers and toes shriveled like raisins.
A chip off the old block, like father like son, acorn never falls far from the tree.. etc.
Father and son swimming at Ela Quality Resort's beach..
Mother and son doing the same.
Riding the backroads of Aspendos area near Antalya
From a tea garden someplace in Bebek..
All you can eat at the resort. So much food is wasted..
The sign marking the street where my grandparents have lived, forever. I see a curse word under the blue..
Too sexy for my shirt.. Wife will be astonished that I posted this one.
The view from the highway, while driving our rental car from Antalya to Bursa. Makes the spirit soar, doesn't it?
Honoring The One who requires no introduction.
Along Route 101 in Rhode Island, the day I stopped to rescue a turtle in the middle of the road.

Walking on the beach in Conimicut. (Used the timer)
The huge 'cinar' which is at the mouth of my grandmother's dead end street in Maksem, Bursa.
The view from my father's balcony in Mudanya. Not too shabby.
The dead end street where I grew up playing ball with the neighbor's kids, 30 years ago. This street used to be cobblestone.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots of Turkey. Were the girls in thongs Turks or tourists?!?!

Murat said...

anonymous: I didn't approach them to ask, but they didn't appear to be Turkish.

Finduk O. said...

i LOVED the picture in connnectticot :)
all the pics were wonderful, but that one especially was thoroughly impressive. loved it.
good job!