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27 September 2007

Why buy ink when you can get a new printer and ink for the same money?

I visited our local Office Max store on my lunch break and walked out of the store pretty much disgusted.. A black ink cartidge for my Epson printer is $37.. Problem is, I'm not sure if my printer is out of ink, or if it's broken.. Should I pay $40 to find out? Then I spy a new Lexmark printer on the shelf for $40, ink included.. But I like my printer! It accepts those high capacity ink cartridges which last very long! Besides this Lexmark is pretty chintsy looking.. I pass on the new printer and the new cartridge.. Then I find this Epson dot matrix printer- the only one offered.. $279. Apparently they haven't faded away completely as many retailers who print invoices in duplicate need to use them. Funny how the low-tech stuff went up in price while the high tech stuff is given away for free whenever you buy a new computer. The money's in the ink cartridges. This is why, the last two times I went to the store for $40 of new ink, I walked out with a new $60 printer, ink included. But not today.


Anonymous said...

I gave up on inkjet printers a long time ago. Laser is the only way to go. For $89, I got a Brother HL 2040. And I also own a color jet. The color jet toner cartridges have cost me a bit but only because I need to use it in my business, and I print lots of copies. I'm actually thinking of buying a Canon color copier. But the B&W laser printer has saved me so much money over the years, it's unbelievable. But I get your point about analog dot-matrix printers because of pre-prepared forms in triplicate, etc. The way to get around it is to create your own customized form or make changes to a template and print three copies.

Finduk O. said...

I agree with both Metin and Murat. Ink way too expensive, laser better (becareful when moving though, because we just moved our office and our laserjet is ruined), and the dox matrix is an unnecessary evil.
I just recently bought a typewrite---like a non-electric thing. Made in West Germany, it says. 5 bucks.
Got it solely because I didnt want to buy a dot matrix to fill out Customs Forms (8 copies, of each form).

Prices for things are almost always based on demand, instead of the actual cost/worth of the product. Totally stinks.

Murat said...

I thought laser printers were expensive?! I used to own the old HP units which cost $1000+..
Finduk where will you find ink for such an old typewriter?

Finduk O. said...

murat, they use ribbons, for old typewriters like this one. actually my dad wants me to write a letter to the manufacturer (he keeps insisting it probably still insists---goes to show you how much people trust german engineering :) ) but i'm pretty sure i can get ribbons in office supply stores here in izmir. i'm pretty excited about it actually; we'll see how it turns out. :)