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11 October 2007

Armenian Genocide Resolution: Let it PASS!

I'm long overdue for one of my foaming rants.. That's right! Let it get through Congress intact! Why not? No skin off my nose.. I was born 55 years too late to be held responsible.. I'm not a land owner in Turkey.. Nothing to fear and nothing to apologize for! (Tongue in cheek, in case you didn't notice) Seriously though.. think of what happens to a BEE after it stings it's victim.. It.. no longer lives. So let the bill pass, so that Armenians will have nowhere left to waste their disposable millions of dollars! More importantly, the Turkish military will be free to do as it sees fit (a la Isreal in Lebanon), to protect Turkish citizens from PKK terrorists! No more restraint! Let the sorties fly! Let the tanks roll! Perhaps the armored vehicles and air cargo and fuel carried by the 3000 US supply trucks originating daily in Turkey, can get to Iraq from someplace else.. or not.. Maybe this could spell the end of US occupation of Iraq- speed up the US troop withdrawel and end the war! To wit:
"Appearing outside the West Wing after that meeting, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates noted that about 70 percent of all air cargo sent to Iraq passed through or came from Turkey, as did 30 percent of fuel and virtually all the new armored vehicles designed to withstand mines and bombs."
A BEE dies right after stinging! Let the bill pass so that Turkey is finally immunized from this sickening Armenian venom.. and finally able to thrust it's sword into any hornet's nest which begs to be impaled. What better way to ignite some more "unattractive" nationalism?.. you know.. the American equivalent of "patriotic".. a distinction which makes even a crack smoking, tax evading, magnetic-ribbon-covered-SUV driving American look like a hero, but which has somehow evolved into meaning "child molestor" in Turkey.. Maybe then, Armenians will be happy.. satisfied that they've sold their lies to the greatest country in the world. What next? (oops I forgot.. reparations and return of "stolen land") Will they lobby in China and India for recognition? No worries. Nothing in Turkey will change. Turn this Armenian issue inside-out and all you have is a big black hole.. Let's get this over with.. so that Armenians can turn off the taps.. stop the millions of dollars from being wasted.. Maybe all of the excess propaganda funding can be diverted to where it's really been needed for a long time: their HOMELAND! Sadly, the typical Armenian diasapora doesn't give a squirt of piss about what's going on back "home".. they don't even go there! Yet all that money would sure do wonders for their puny nation.. Just think what it might be like to have modern plumbing! electricity! telephones! Food on the table that DOESN'T consist of dog meat! Build some schools! Feed Armenia!


Metin said...

Actually this resolution means nothing and is not binding!

However, the Turks will use it to enlarge their appetite for Anti-Americanism, some of which is borne surprisingly out of the secular but ultra-nationalistic establishment.

The Americans will blame the Turks for entering to American territory (formerly known as Iraq) even though you and I both know that this 'excursion' has nothing to do with reacting to the resolution, and has everything to do with the 'War on Terror' that is not exclusive to the U.S.

So both sides will escalate this to the point (knowing the Turkish pride and impatience with looking at long-term implications with short-term vision) that the 'model' for Islam (i.e. Turkey) will no longer exist . . . and so go the moderate Islam concept. There may not be such a thing.

And when push comes to shove, Turkey will choose to side with Islam over the West, when Islam (as perceived by the West) and the West (as perceived by Islam) clash to the point of oblivion.

The real question is why the military and the 'nationalistic' Turks don't see this and fall into the trap of opposing this 'moderate' Islam in Turkey? They might be part of the problem or the conspiracy perhaps.

My point is: Any irrational and quick move to 'punish' the U.S., will hurt Turkey much more than it will benefit the anti-Turk sentiment that the Americans will add to their grab bag of anti-Islam sentiments. (Perfect for Halloween).

And the Armenians are just the 'innocent' bystander recipients of all this.

A word to the wise (and also the Armenians): Do you think this 'resolution' has anything to do with the U.S. caring about the Armenians, or their 'plight?'

Didn't think so!!!

Raffi K. said...

Awww, come on. Stop deluding yourselves into thinking that YOU are the poor victims, that game has gotten old. It's the 21st century, face the facts of almost a century ago, by a different regime, give the Kurds the true freedom they deserve, not the few you are kind enough to grant them, and join the club of civilization.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarassed of my government right now. Why the hell does congrss think its their responsibility to pass resolutions on other countrys histories? idiotic! this will definately hurt us-turkey relations and as the husband of a Turk i'm embarassed to face my Turkish relatives after this. Murat - i read your blog semi-regularly and knew I could count on you to have a post about this for me to vent on :-)

Andrew Wells said...

Wow, that is one fucking amazing post, dude! Don't listen to Raffi K., he's just an idiot, I know you're right. America shouldn't be interfering with the histories of other countries, anyway.

Andrew Wells said...

Dear Raffi K:

Back up bold statements before submitting them.

Thank you.

Leslie B said...

Raffi, I believe the point is not that Turks are victims or Armenians are victims.

The point of any claim should be avoiding future victims of like actions. Unfortunately, I don't see the diaspora using their tragedy for anything other than setting up a claim for reparations and gathering sympathy for something that happened so long ago, the true victims and witnesses are no longer around. Has the Armenian lobby come out in support of any action to stop the true genocide occuring in Darfur?

Their money would be far better spent actually doing something proactive to stop other attrocities than spending the valuable time and money of our Congress on something that can't be changed or stopped no matter what.

The wording of HR 106 is particularly hateful and aimed at raising emotional reactionism against Turks. This will result in violence against Turkish Americans who have no vested interest in the discussion other than heritage.

My daughter was attacked at her school last year on April 24th just for being a Turkish American. She was 11. Children do not understand the difference between actions that occured in history and what is happening now because they do not have a past to relate to.

The whole issue is like a hornets' nest being invaded by killer bees. Both the hornets and the bees will react based upon hormones rather than logic.

Metin said...

Turkey recalls its Ambassador to the US.

Wrong move by Turkey, playing on its emotions, as I feared:

The point is: This 'Genocide resolution was never about bringing a 'resolution' or about Armenians. And Armenians had more to lose if it even made it to the full House floor and passed, than Armenians if it failed. But now the public opinion momentum shifts.

And the Turkish decision to go into 'American' territory, formerly known as Iraq, to fight the 'War on Terror,' obviously not exclusive to the US, is now seen as a reactionary backlash by the Turks against the U.S.

All of this will now escalate the rhetoric between the parties. And once again, Turkey (because of its recent ultra-nationalism and ever present pride) and 'moderate' or 'model' Islam will be pushed to the brink of having to choose sides between Islam (as perceived by the West - and not the one practiced by Turkey) and the West (as perceived by Islam, and certainly not the one Turkey thinks it is a part of) in this game of polarizing the global community.

Metin said...

Obviously, my statement above shoud be corrected to read:

"And Armenians had more to lose if it even made it to the full House floor and failed, than Turks if it passed."

Metin said...

Here's an example of what I feared: (as posted on my blog, the source is not important, but the point being made is!)

"The Turks are so angry that a House committee declared their 1915 massacre of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide, they’re going kill all the Kurds."

Anonymous said...

Metin, SHUT UP.

Who are you and what makes you an expert on world affairs to speak with such authority. Turkey this US that, me me me, give me a break man.

SHUT the **** UP.

leslie b said...

Gee, that was a well thought out and intelligent post, anonymous. At least you counted the letters in the F-word right. Washington is full of people who are not experts on anything, but not only talk, pass bills that affect the rest of us. I'd rather read what Metin has to say, right or not.

Metin said...

Hey Anonymous:

I'm a secret agent!

Mitat Yerli said...

As long as the 'g' word is outlawed in Turkey, we Turks will continue to be the victims. How can anybody defend himself against the Armenian Diaspora when one cannot speak freely in Turkey?

Gulay said...

what I find amazing is that a country that handed out smallpox infected blankets to its native citizens so that more land would become available to settllers feels able to pass judgement on what happened in another country in the aftermath of one of histories most turbulent periods and one in which the country's president played a prominent part through his belief in self determination in causing another 100 years of pain, suffering and anarchy in parts of Europe

Metin said...

everyone is missing the point. this 'resolution' is not about Genocide . . .

But what do I know . . .

I recently admitted that I use performance enhancing drugs when I blog. I hope I don't have to pee in a cup. I don't want to get banned and have to return all my posts.

Metin said...

Here's what Nicholas Von Hoffman wrote in 'The Nation:'

Thank God! We have been waiting almost 100 years for the House Foreign Affairs Committee to do it and at long last they did, those statesmen and stateswomen! They voted to declare the 1915 massacres of Armenians by the Turks an official genocide.

Now, don't you feel better? Isn't the world a better place for this courageous act on the part of our legislators? Aren't we all freer? Stronger? Safer? More long-lived? Healthier? Richer? Wiser and better sexually adjusted?

What's next? A resolution condemning Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and the slaughter visited on the Egyptians at the Battle of the Pyramids? And how about a little legislative attention for the Romans killed by Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae in 216 BC. Better look into that one, too, guys.

To read the entire article:

Anonymous said...

leslie b,

As a matter of fact Armenians have been very active in supporting action on Darfur.


Jeez, I wonder where Nicholas Von Hoffman was earlier this year when the House of Representatives voted to condemn Japan for refusing to apologize and compensate the thousands of 'comfort wives' kept as sex slaves by Imperial Japan prior to and during WW2.


Metin said...


I can't speak for Mr. von Hofman, but I assume the same place he is in now . . .

Are there any other 'resolutions' the Congress need to pass that are at least 50 years old?

How much $$$ are being wasted in such nonsense and non-binding efforts.

Isn't the timing curiously entertaining?

Will the Turks write a book now called, "If We Did It," with the proceeds going to the victims?

Or will the Turks commit another atrocity against mankind - - - this time in the name of the Kurds.

But wait a minute. . .

We can't accuse Turkey now of an Islam versus Christianity massacre.

I wonder if the mass killings or deportations were a religious issue after all?

These are rhetorical questions, and need not be answered.

I am going to bed . . .

"Ramazan Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun" Everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog frequently and agree with you 100% of the time vis-a-vis the Armenian 'genocide', but I have to say this post was a little harsh...

"Just think what it might be like to have modern plumbing! electricity! telephones! Food on the table that DOESN'T consist of dog meat! Build some schools! Feed Armenia!"

Let's not stoop to their level just to make a point. We're better than them, and let's show it in a more civilized way.

Redneck Texan said...

So how do you figure this plays out a year down the road Murat?

Maybe this could spell the end of US occupation of Iraq- speed up the US troop withdrawel and end the war!

.... that was an interesting observation I had not considered. You figure thats the Democrats' motivation for pushing this? Destroying out relationship with Turjey to make some political points and hurt out efforts in Iraq?

What should Bush do now? Let Turkey invade Iraq and kill some of our Kurdish allies? Will a Turkish incursion into Iraq really have any positive effect on PKK attacks inside Turkey? Or should Bush help defend the Kurds by sending a couple F-16s up north to squash the Turkish invaders and risk losing all Turkish military support?

He's got no good choices does he? ..... I figure thats the way Pelosi's folks like it.

R said...

For those concerned (no doubt genuinely) about the economic situation of Armenia rest assured that the diaspora (most famously Kirk Kerkorian, but also many others) has been pouring aide and investment into that country. Armenia is on track to 14% growth in GDP this year - the sixth straight year of double digit growth.

This despite having almost no natural resources, being landlocked, blockaded by Turkey on one border, technically at war with Azerbaijan on another, and having Iran on a third.

This is not to say the country doesn't have important challenges.

Metin said...

Redneck: It's another public relations disaster.

For the US, and for the Armenians, as the backlash will continue to turn the sympathy for the Armenians into blaming them.

But the least series of errs by Turkey (to just ignore it) also spells disaster for Turkey in the long run.

It's becoming more of an Islam vs. ??? issue rather than a Turks vs. ??? issue.

Guilty by association. It applies to all three sides.

Anonymous said...

To everyone in this forum that has said that the Armenians don't deserve to have the genocide recognized, let me politely and respectfully ask you all one question. Do you believe that just because the Jewish Holocaust didn't have direct impact on American affairs, that they didn't deserved to be recognized? It is the same concept. Genocide is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity. I believe that when such an atrocity is committed, that it should be recognised. And to the post a few down from me who said that there are no more survivors or witnesses, you might want to check your sources on that. There are still many survivors around.

Murat Altinbasak said...


I see the possibility of Turkish forces taking control of parts of Northern Iraq, then either a gradual withdrawel beginning after the threats are eliminated, (maybe at the same time as the US finally does the same) or a [remote] possiblity of annexation of said lands (like Cyprus), or a heavily guarded buffer zone put into place.
Careful though, you are calling people "allies" without really knowing who you refer to... and sending up some F-16s (likely built in Turkey) to "squash" Turkish invaders is a bit far fetched. That would be like an invader (the US) attacking another "invader" (Turkey, which has reasons to defend which are 1000 fold what the US's reasons ever were..) Besides, such an escalation would mean that Americans in Turkey (there are many) might face deportation or even come to harm, and that American troops may end up starving for food, supplies and fuel, or at the very least, highly inconvenienced and weakened. That's one f-ed up scenario, but stranger things have happened.

Metin said...


I never said, and neither do the people against the resolution in the Congress and the White House, that crimes against humanity and mass killings did not occur.

In fact, it is still occurring as we speak . . .

The 'timing' of this 'non-binding' resolution's coincidence with a possible Turkish invasion of the USA (I meant Iraq) is an attempt to revert attention from the real Genocide of sorts . . .

I actually think the Armenians have a lot more to lose than the Turks, even if this resolution passes, and public opinion 'switching' will take place in the long run as Turkey makes it difficult for the US, and US alone to fight the 'War on Terror?'

But the Turks have a lot more to lose than the Americans. At least here in the US, we can blame the neo-cons for making us feel a lot safer!!!

Anonymous said...

Armanians must be attcked too not just the Kurds.We see if America makes ally with Kurds and if so can attack them


Redneck Texan said...

This maybe off-topic, and I could go research it myself.....but let me ask Ya'll something......What exactly would it take to get the PKK to voluntarily stop committing attacks inside Turkey?

What do they want?

An Independent Nation carved out of Eastern Turkey?

A certain degree of autonomy ?

Are none of their grievances legitimate?

Cause the way I see it, from an unbiased (and under informed)outside perspective, this level of violence is going to persist until one of two things happen.

1. Turkey gives in an gives them what they want.

2. Turkey commits what they are already being accused of. :-) I mean hey, if you already stand accused and convicted in the court of international opinion for committing a genocide already..... what do you have to lose? Why not bring the conflict to a final resolution? Why keep tolerating low level attacks in perpetuity when you could pass another Tehcir Law and end it the same way you ended Armenian resistance?

I dont know that thats any less moral than allowing PKK attacks to continue for the remainder of time.

Raymond said...

I agree with most posts here (truth is a complicated thing). But I think that the resolution does mean something, metin: maybe a pathetic push from the Democrats to make Bush et al. to withdraw American troops in a scenario like Redneck Texan mentioned. The hypocrisy of it all is that this is the same group that approved more money for the war under the rationale (read "guise") of "not letting our boys down." It's all politikspeak to me, the same as in Turkey it seems. Politicians are playing the tune people like to listen, so that they get the votes and enjoy their positions of power and money.

Apparently, the resolution means something to people like Rep.D. Tom Lantos: for USA to re-gain "globally...moral authority" (CNN News). Pffft! Gimme a break! Like the other anonymous, I --as an American-- feel embarrassed before the Turkish people for these actions and statements. I hope the consequences do not escalate to the levels Murat Altinbasak mentioned for Amerikans in Turkiye.

Happy Bayram to all.

Redneck Texan said...

Another possibility to consider is that the PKK does to the Turkish Army in Northern Iraq what Hezbollah did to Israel in Southern Lebanon recently.

Nullify Turkey's armor advantage with the use of modern handheld anti-armor weapons, and commits hit & run attacks that leaves the Turks with an unacceptable loss ratio. If Turkey is occupying North Iraq and the PKK continues to commit terror attacks inside Turkey..... whats the Turks next option?

Anonymous said...

I think Turkey should punish armenia for Armenian diasporan fanaticism. Aid to Azerbaijan should be stepped up so that the Azeris can liberate their lands from the armenian agressors.

Yes, the usa musnt get away lightly for their hostility, but we also hurt ourselves by trying to hurt them. A little cosying up to the Russians, Iranians and Chinese should help them realise that Turkish friendship cannot be taken for granted.

Metin said...

RT: The Turks next option:

Go All In!

Invade the 'Kurdistan' region of Iraq, and annex it to the mainland . . .

Then turn around and gift it to the Kurds, PKK and all . . .

Splitting Iraq will benefit every one!!

If Carter was in charge, the U.S. would then have to boycott Turkey by not allowing any Mattel toys into the Turkish marketplace, and depriving the Turkish children . . .

Anonymous said...

it amazes me how brain washed you and your people are.. just reading your words, and sensing your tone, it frightens me.. since you were a child, you have been told that no matter what you read, no matter what you see, no matter anything at all; if someone tries to tell you that a long, long time ago, your people tried to exterminate a whole culture (armenian genocide ) you are to do nothing more than deny this. And keep on denying it, no matter what.Even when there is evidence that proves otherwise, you are to never admit to any wrong. Or, if you do, you go to jail ( i believe that's what happens to you in the free country of turkey if you talk of the "apparant" genocide, that the whole world minus the turks and jews don't accept ( don't get me started on the political bs involving the jewish people right now) regardless, reading your article, makes me cringe at what kind of tone you set, and it's amazing that the same tone is shared by your countrymen as well, and to me, it's terribly sad to see, but i guess that's what happens in narrow minded societies where people live in fear of speaking out against the truth. You know, i somewhere read a famous quote regarding turkish people.. it went something like this " the turkish language, sounds a lot like bar-bar-bar.. it is because they are bar-bar-barians" ignorance is bliss

Anonymous said...

It's just an area of rocks and dust. What's the point Turkey. Just kive the Kurds some lands and let it be.

What is Turkey but a country that was formed when one group attacked another and won? No different than the majority of all countries in the world if you look deep enough.

Mitat Yerli said...

So, this racist is asking sympathy from the Turkish readers of this blog for the suffering of his people with his bar-bar-barbarian comment... Human rights(!) talk from a true racist. You made us all here so impressed with your efforts for your 'cause' anonymous; it brings tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Mitat Yerli said...
So, this racist is asking sympathy from the Turkish readers of this blog for the suffering of his people

no i didn't ask for anything actually.. and another thing; they're not my people, i'm just sayin' that's all...

Phantom said...

Hi Murat,

I figured you would have something to say about what's happening now, but I am sad to see the depths of hatred to which you have fallen. It must suck to be so angry to post something as mean-spirited and racist as this last article.

Anyway, for those who think 100 years ago is ancient history, let's remember that those events have a direct impact on the coming catastrophe that we will see for the next few years. The Ottoman Turks cleansed Anatolia of all Armenians. They used Kurds to help them do this, and they gave those lands to the Kurdish people. Then, instead of integrating the Kurds into their new society, they alienated them and oppressed them. Now, 92 years later, if you read between the lines of Turkish rhetoric and action, you will see that the Turk is preparing himself for Genocide II, the elimination of the Kurdish people. How can the Turk do this and get the backing of the entire Turkish population (minus the Kurds)? Because he has never repented for Genocide I, he has educated his people for 92 years to believe that they were always victims and always alone in this world, and he will now unleash that ignorance and pent-up anger against the last significant minority of Turkey.

Metin, there will be no backlash against Armenians just because they wanted the world to recognize THE TRUTH. If you watched the House Foreign Relations Committee vote, you saw that virtually every member of the House had something to say, and almost every congressman who voted against the resolution admitted that what happened was a Genocide and that they were only voting against it because of bad timing. This, alone, should be a wake-up call to the Turkish people. Even those who vote against the resolution believe the underlying facts. Why then do seemingly educated Turks who have their own blogs still make racist rants against Armenians? Why do they still ignore the verdict of 23 nations, 40 U.S. States, and countless historians including Turkish historians? Why do they allow laws like 301 to persist? What is it going to take to get even educated Turks to start thinking objectively and stop the knee-jerk denials?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hi Phantom,

you lost me at "depths of hatred".. To color me so wrongly is not appreciated. Do not confuse my thick sarcasm for hatred. It's something I inherit from my customers in the construction business.. and it spills over into the blog. (long story short: I am treated like shit every minute of every hour that I do my job)
As far as your remarks about education, I have nothing besides a high school diploma to brag about. Maybe that's my problem.. or at least that's what you seem to infer.

Phantom said...

Whatever dude! When I read this post, I felt like you wished every Armenian dead. That's what comes through, at least to me. I don't even know why I'm dialoging with you. I feel like one of those biatches that has a sick fascination with a serial killer. Anyway, maybe it's time to get a job that doesn't turn you into a psychopathic, racist, sicko that writes this kind of filth. I hear the Swedes are kind and patient, maybe you should get a job at Ikea!