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12 October 2007

Blogger 'Finduk' enlightens us.. PKK=Communist

Finduk educates us withsomething which I'll bet very few people are aware of:
"When it comes to the Kurds, the PKK is referred to only as the Kurdish Workers Party. As if it is a legal party in Kurdistan. This is the "Party 'K'ommunist Kurdish" which is how I am going to refer to it since that is the actually how the PKK was named, but using the Kurdish words "Partiya Komunistê Kurdistan". This is not some political party with ideological plans to make their lives more democratic and free. This is a group of mentally deranged Kurdish terrorists who are traitors to whichever nation they were born in..."


Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a joke? :S

Finduk's education is clearly wanting, but certainly fits Turkish standards.

PKK = Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan = Kurdistan Workers' Party

Anonymous said...

it's me, anonymous again...i just re-read her post .... LOL...

she seems honestly suprised that her "fact" isn't well-known ...eheuh

Murat Altinbasak said...

Anonymous, you may be right about the acronym's wording, but there is no doubt about the PKK's ideology:
Marxism,Leninism = Communism

Anonymous said...

The Turkish state likes to brand the PKK as Marxist-Lennist so that they won't be taken seriously anymore. If you actually took the time to read the Wikipedia piece which you brought to my attention, you would have noticed that the PKK abandoned the communist ideology when the USSR collapsed. Also, if you knew anything about the political atmosphere in Turkey in the 1970s, out of which the PKK was formed, you would know that "marxist-lennism" wasn't some marginal ideology which some "deranged" Kurds adopted but rather the ideological glue for both Kurds and Turks who were progressive and wanted democracy in Turkey. The military coup in Turkey in 1980 wasn't directed mainly against the PKK -- they were hardly even known at that time -- but rather the major social upheaval among Kurds and Turks that threatened the military establishment. The PKK gained power AFTER the coup because they escaped Turkey (to Syria and Lebanon where they used PLO training camps) before the military dragnet and could come back to the political scene having most of their competition removed from the scene.

I bet your parents or their friends were Marxist-Lennist in the 1970s :) Even though mine are currently budding capitalists, in the 70s in Turkey, the Left presented the greatest hope for change and a democratic Turkey. I'm sure you've heard of Deniz Gezmis was a revolutionary Turk who was tried by the Turkish state and given the death sentence. His last words: "Long live People of Turkey's independence, long live great ideology of Marxism-Leninism, long live the Turkish and Kurdish People's independence struggle, damn imperialism".

Deniz Gezmis is not seen by many Turks as some 'deranged' lunatic but a revolutionary figure. If you have Turkish television, you can even see the romantic depiction of the 1970s in the drama "Hatirla Sevgili".

The short of a long story is -- the PKK had Marxist-Lennist roots, but this all changed when...well, when the whole world changed...They now espouse democratic principles to complement their struggle for Kurdish rights. The ideology of Leftism and Democracy are simply tools with which to carry forward and popularize what I consider to be the legitimate struggle of the Kurds for political and cultural expression and autonomy. Plus, I haven't seen or heard of any militants who go around in bowties, wool suits, and discuss conservative fiscal policies in order to incite a people to demand their most basic rights :)