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01 October 2007

Debra Cagan: "I hate all Iranians"

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Debra Cagan is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates.. for how much longer I wonder?

Also read "The Largest Minority":
"...Imagine if the word "Iranians" was replaced with "Jews," and how quick Cagan would be out of a job due to charges of Antisemitism. The administration has done such a good job at dehumanizing Muslims in general that this statement will simply fly under the radar..."


Celal Birader said...

All the smart people have long ago abandoned this silly Bush administration. Cagan and her type are all that is left behind.

And nobody cares anymore because it is, after all, a lame duck presidency.

Anonymous said...

It is, however, unfortunate that sensible Muslims don't owerpower the vocal minority of hot head fundalmentalist. It's no wonder the media has dehumanized them. Humans don't cut off heads and inflict other torture on unarmend people. What is the West to think after seeing images like that. These images give the impression that Muslims have no respect for life and want to kill all non believers in a Jihad.

nhrider said...

That is possibly the ugliest woman I have ever seen (besides Janet Reno)!!

Anonymous said...

Even uglier than the ugliest man, Barbara Bush?


Murat Altinbasak said...

Celal, you can park an RV in that mouth of hers.
anonymous: Point taken. The next Muslim Fundie I encounter will get a beating from me, Three Stooges style. Hopefully he's not packing a chest strap.
nhrider: at least Janet Reno was parodies (quite well) on SNL many years ago. I recall her giving someone a headlock.
Metin: isn't it astonishing? that such dimwits somehow reach these high positions?