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21 October 2007

Dozens die as Turkey battles Kurdish rebels

(CNN) -- "Separatist Kurdish rebels killed at least 12 Turkish soldiers and wounded 17 more in Hakkari Province near Turkey's border with Iraq and Iran on Sunday, a Turkish government source told CNN."
"Shortly after the attack, Turkish forces responded by killing 23 PKK rebels in southern Turkey, according to a statement on an official government Web site." Developing Story


Anonymously yours, said...

How many more Turkish troops and civilians have to die before we decide to do something about it? My heart goes out to the families of the fallen troops. How sad.

Hans said...

seems also that at least 10 turkish soldiers are taken hostage..((((

Murat Altinbasak said...

AY: So does mine. I have a relative serving right now. Well, he's engaged to my first cousin anyway. Wedding in May we hope.
Hans: Please give me your source for this. If it's true, well then what are we waiting for? Are these the acts of a civilised group of people? What of all the reforms that we passed recently, easing/eliminating certain restrictions on Kurdish culture and language? See? No enemy of Turkey is satisfied unless Turks are killed. Their thirst for Turkish blood knows no bounds. Ever notice that even the sound of "P-K-K" resembles the sound of a fucking machine gun?

Anonymous said...

The Turkish soldiers were taken hostage during the fighting -- you know, unlike how the "civilized" Turkish army behaves -- the PKK doesn't kill soldiers captured during fighting.

In the past, they have safely returned those soldiers captured during fighting - as per Geneva protocols.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you don't want any more deaths, why don't you urge the Turkish state to grant an amnesty for PKK militants? The PKK has said on numerous occasions they will disarm if given the opportunity for an amnesty? The PKK declared a unilateral FIVE YEAR cease-fire waiting for the amnesty, which never came.

Massoud Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, recently said that they will not declare the PKK a terrorist group the PKK is given a chance to peacefully resolve the situation and refuse to do so.

The Kurdish leaders asked the PKK to declare a ceasefire once again.

It seems clear as day that Turkey is the only side that is bent on bloodshed.

Hans said...

Murat, BBC world broadcasted it. At least they do a better job than CNN. But this news is not allowed in Turkey.
I don't recognize the PKK as sole representatives of the Kurds. But it took you guys a long time to recognize them as a ethnic minority.
We in Europe have a long history of terrorists: ETA, IRA, Baader Meinhof, RAF, Rote Army Fraction. RMS and so on...I wrote about that 25 years ago...
Turkey can never win these kind of wars, neither the USA can.
PKK is a gang of terrorists, everybody knows that, but Turkish military are also not that innocent.
I personal think that Erdogan can handle the situation in Turkish interest. And btw, many people in Iraq who fled to the North are now attacked by the Turkish army. How do you think they will consider a 'cross border' attack?
Ever been in Arab countries?
I sympathize with the Turkish people, not with their politics in the past.

Anonymous said...

Stop all this rhetoric. Iraqi Kurds are killing Turkish Kurds. And Turkish soldiers are dying in the process.

Show some restraint and not let the provocateurs get their wish.

Turkey cannot win this war. It's not a matter of admission of defeat, but a matter of pride when it comes to dealing with people who want their independence.

PKK would cease to exist if Turkey and the Kurds started talking in some meaningful dialogue.

Eventually, Kurdistan will be established. Depending on how Turkey plays the game, a greater Kurdistan will only be possible to a great extent on how much Iran and Turkey are willing to give versus forced to give.