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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

06 October 2007

An Especially Bad Week for Air Travel

Such a large number of stories this past week involving air travel! I could hardly keep up, so I decided to chronicle the events of this past week:
Southwest Airlines makes man change t shirt
Medical Plane Crashes in Colorado, 3 die
Carol Ann Gottbaum dies at Pheonix airport, while trying to escape detention
50 die in Congo plane crash
Japan plane on wrong runway, crash averted
1 Dead in California highway plane crash
2 injured in plane crash at Denton Airport, Texas
Oregon girl, 3, dies three weeks after Alaska plane crash
Fire plane crashes in Lake Terkos, Istanbul
Wright replica crashes on flight anniversary
Scores killed in Thai plane crash
Two SAS planes crash land 4 days apart in Lithuania and Denmark
Small plane crashes on Virginia highway
Indiana couple flying to see grandbaby killed in plane crash
That's quite enough bad aviation news for the past five days! Check the dates! I kid you not.


Finduk O. said...

geez murat, i'm flying into maryland on tuesday with TWO layovers instead of one (doubles my chances of crash at landing)

i shouldn't even joke. you just made me nervous with this post!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Two layovers would triple your takeoffs and landings, no? (versus a direct flight)

I've been a chicken shit air traveler ever since 9/11. We were in Turkey at the time and had to fly home on 9/20. Hate it ever since. But I like to use THY for the free drinks. A few glasses of wine calm me down. MP3 player helps too. Don't worry. Last week was a freak week. It's over.

Finduk O. said...

TRIPLE! Yikes! you're right. I hadn't thought of it that way.
on 9/11, i was at work, in bethesda, on the 10th floor of our building. and the company i worked for has people all over the country. researchers (like myself) speak to brokers daily about how business is going. so the twin towers had a few commercial real estate offices in it, and many of my coworkers had daily contact with those guys. I remember the flight pattern into the capital changed for a while, so planes were literally passing through bethesda on their way to DC. like right in front of our building. the first few days of that temporary path had my heart racing. our office was 7 miles from the white house. it still is :)

so anyway, i know what you mean by changing your point of view of flying. i've been flying, supposedly, since i was a baby. was this close (put your index finger on your thumb) to being a ROTC air force pilot.

loved to fly.

dont as much anymore. not necessarily because of 9/11. just life in general, wears you down :)

enough depressing stuff, this was a long comment huh?

thanks for the mp3/wine tips. now i'm going to try to forget you said i've got triple the takeoffs/landings :)

nhrider said...


I travel a lot and make it a point to never watch or read about anything with air disasters. I had to travel to PA today and your post freaked me out!

Wish me luck for my flight home on Friday!