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14 October 2007

Have You Voted Yet?

As of 8:15 PM EST on October 14th, it appears the tide has turned, for what it's worth..
msnbc asks:
"Should the United States formally recognize the World War I-era killing of Armenians as genocide?"
So far, 58063 responses, also non-binding and worthless.. How many voters have a friggin clue and how many voted according to their dislike of Turks or Muslims? Someone please give me the address where I should send my reparation checks. Mind if I post-date them 90 years?


Metin said...

Do they accept 'American' Express?

Murat Altinbasak said...

Holy crap, this is working. You might want to post it over at TT boss..

Metin said...

These polls are so unscientific anyway. Given the choices presented in such a way, like "Turkey is too important an ally to alienate when the U.S. has troops in the Middle East" that even a person who would normally vote one way would end up voting for the other.

And they are skewed by the 'ethnic' control of whomever's side votes the most number of times. And they tend to swing one way or another from time to time.

I have seen these types of popularity (or beauty) contest type polls before. In fact, last year Miss Turkey was the fan favorite to win Miss Universe based on many polls. She didn't even make the top 10 in reality.

Besides, who cares if the 'global' citizens of the world think the 'U.S.' action was justified or not.

This is about the US Congress' resolve to resolve the problem.


Metin said...

I'd like to meet the 5,000 people that make up the 2% that took the time out to click to vote but chose "I'm not sure."

Are they from Florida?


Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin, let's assume that most of them are neither Turkish or Armenian.

Anonymous said...

There Greek!

Metin said...

That's like going to the voting booth and picking 'not sure.' Wouldn't it be better to not vote?

They must be people who go inny minny mighty moe . . .