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27 October 2007

Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Turkish Crisis in Northern Iraq

Or more appropriately, the Kurdish Crisis in the Turkish Republic of Northern Iraq?..
Source: Al-Watan, Saudi Arabia, October 26, 2007 (via Erkan's Field Diary)

If anything about the blogosphere pleases me more than seeing my friend Erkan spit fire from his belly, I can't think of it. For the very best and most comprehensive round-up of articles, information and links related to the dire situation and hard decisions which Turkey now faces, look no further. In his own words:

"Northern Iraqi leaders, especially Barzani, is not helpful. He continues to increase the regional tension. It seems that US won't offer any tangible help, then comes the war....
There are threats from the Iraqi side:
Iraq To Turkey: If You Impose Economic Embargo We Will Respond By Shutting Down Oil Pipe To Turkey and there are Massive Anti-PKK Rallies in Turkey, As Tension And Anger Grow. Rice continues to bully Turkey: Turkey Should Not Intervene In Northern Iraq; U.S. Will Do Whatever necessary and of course the US government won't care for PM Erdogan's Response. Turkey has lost her charm to win it back, she will have to use force. Despite all the human heritage, some things can only be resolved by force. A gang of murderers, PKK - only the naive romantic Western activists can believe that it is a national liberation movement- are harbored, and basically nothing is done about it. ...
Well then, unfortunately it is time to move...."

Compared to Erkan's content, mine amounts to a pile of puke, so what are you still doing here?
(Thank you Erkan.)

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erkan said...

thanks Murat, thanks. but you have your own style. don't quit, keep up the good work!