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04 October 2007

LPG: liquid propane gas RIP-OFF prices

It's infuriating that I was paying $1.45 per gallon in the fall of 2003 and now I am being charged $4.50 per gallon by my current provider. (Notice the price spike in January 2005- I called at that time and was told my usage was too low) I called a competitor last week and was told that if my consumption was over 300 gallons a year (it is) that I would only pay them $2.67 a gallon if I pre-pay and $2.77 a gallon if I lock in and sign a contract for one year. Even if my usage dropped to 200 gallons, the price is still $3.33 a gallon! After hanging up with the competitor, I called my provider (Arrow Gas, formerly Star Gas) I explained what I had just discovered, that I believed I was being ripped off! To try and keep me as a customer they adjusted my last bill from $4.50 a gallon down to $4.00. Pfffft! Thanks for the $20! In order to switch to the new company, I must get Arrow Gas to pick up the old tank and credit me back whatever's left in it (something I'm not optimistic about). I must also pay $100 for tank removal. The new company charges $150 for installation of their tank! Plus they charge $9 a month for rental, which is another buzz-kill. All told, I must pay $250 for tank swapping and $108 for rental over the next 12 months.. Based on usage of 300 gallons, my savings is $546, less $358 in bullshit tank costs. Really worth it? If I can get the new company to waive their tank fee, it's a done deal. Maybe I should just do it on principle. I am so close to referring the matter to the Rhode Island District Attorney's office. Grrrr. By the way, finding any cost info or consumer feedback about liquid propane gas on the internet turns up nothing. Maybe folks will find this, learn from it, and hopefully weigh in. Thanks for reading.

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Murat Altinbasak said...

To update this issue:
It's Nov 14, 2008 and I just threatened to drop my current gas co to go to their competition. Why? Because they are charging me $5.58 a gallon! They "graciously" offered to reduce our price to $4.48 a gallon. Meanwhile, their competition is charging only $3.00 a gallon. Out in Western New York, I know that people are paying less than $3 a gallon. Our usage last winter was 370 gallons. I'm going to let this tnk get emptied and then I'm calling the other company. I'm telling Arrow Gas to refrain from filling us up. I hate propane.