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15 October 2007

Pass H Res 106 before old Armenians die!

Is this a good enough reason? That many Armenians who did not die in Turkey are going to die soon? Nancy Pelosi believes it to be a compelling argument:
"There's never been a good time," adding that it is important to pass the resolution now "because many of the survivors are very old."
"When I came to Congress 20 years ago, it wasn't the right time because of the Soviet Union. Then that fell, and then it wasn't the right time because of the Gulf War One. And then it wasn't the right time because of overflights of Iraq. And now it's not the right time because of Gulf War Two. And, again, the survivors of the Armenian genocide are not going to be with us."
Speaking later on ABC's "This Week," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced the House committee's vote -- despite agreeing with the assertion that the killings amounted to genocide: "I think it's a really bad idea for the Congress to be condemning what happened 100 years ago," the Kentucky Republican said Sunday. "We all know it happened. There's a genocide museum, actually, in Armenia to commemorate what happened.

And that my friends, actually, is enough. -AT


Anonymous said...

I agree. I also agree that the US and individual states do not owe black Americans any apology or monetary compensation for slavery. That happened a long time ago too. The US also should not apologize to Indians. All those atrocities happened a long time ago as well!

Anonymous said...

I am getting really old. I want an apology from the NY Jets for the dismal seasons they keep having each and every year.

Anonymous said...

This is what I wrote in my blog back in April:

"Note to Turks: Let's not kid ourselves. If the U.S. Congress decides to not 'pass' the resolution, it's not because the general consensus is that Genocide never occurred. It's because the majority of the Representatives (as well as those in other branches of the U.S. Government) do not want to upset Turkey and the relations between her and the U.S. What do you think?"

Even the people that voted NO are not necessarily denying a Genocide did not occur. They are simply referring to its 'timing' by saying 'not now,' whereas others are saying 'if not now, when."

My contention is that this resolution is NOT really about Genocide versus 'Genocide' but rather other overt and covert factors . . .

Redneck Texan said...

Is any of this affecting your opinion of the Democrats or the Kos kids Murat?

Gulay said...

and whilst we are at it can Congress pass a resolution condemning the Viking pillages in Britain I mean really where do you stop

Anonymous said...

Actually Redneck, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue, as it looks . . .

Not all the Democrats voted for, or the Republicans all against . .

The former Speakers of the House, (Hastert, a Republican, and Gephardt, a Democrat) were on the Turkish payroll. Pelosi is probably not. And hence . . .

But as for (my) personal opinion, my views of the Democrats keep getting distorted to the worst with each passing day anyway, regardless of this issue.

To pin this one issue as anti-Democrat-ic would be unjust for the ideology and stereotyping of all Turks as one-issue people.

Thank God for true conservatism (not the ones Republican neo-cons are masquerading around) anyway.


What about the Spanish Inqusition, or the Mongol Invasion, or the Bosnian Ethnic Cleansing . . .

Phantom said...


You are right that even those who vote against this resolution do it after explaining that they are only doing it because they don't want to upset Turkey just now. Of the 21 who voted against it on the foreign relations committee, almost every one of them said this and explained that it was an agonizing decision.

Read the articles, blogs, comments, etc., and you'll see that it is pretty much universally accepted that it was a Genocide. Turks have to come to grips with this before they commit another one against another group, namely the Kurds.

Anonymous said...

And the ironic thing is in both instances the Turks committed these crimes against their own citizens. Just like Saddam . . .

Murat Altinbasak said...

I'm not so sure, Phantom. Check the latest msnbc poll. It hardly appears to be "universally accepted". Hey whatever turns your crank. Believe what you want. Stand on your head and spit peas. It doesn't matter to me. After all, my "hatred" knows no bounds, right?

Phantom said...


With that poll, you can't distinguish as to why the people vote against the resolution. If you read the comments in the dozens of articles that have been written recently, you see that almost everyone who disagrees with the resolution does so on the grounds that it is bad timing, not because it is untrue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Phantom that poll has a 'misleading' option that actually favors Turkey's position.

Suggestively unfair in that it makes it appear as opposing the genocide resolution (not the verifiability of the genocide) on the grounds that it might incriminate America's interest (for the current time being).

However, to argue the merits of one's point by using the ever changing results of a non scientific sampling is ridiculous.

Both sides should have a better definition of their case as they each try to convince their own demographic.

More people, given the right forming of the question, would favor the recognition of Genocide.

However, more 'aware' people, the ones who do their own due diligence, might not approve the usage of such a term

The bottom line: No matter what you call it, there were mass killings. And they were not exclusive to the Armenians or the Turks.

We're so busy arguing the technicality of its labeling, we tend to forget the horrors of the crimes committed by all parties, past, present, and future throughout human history, not just what happened 90+ years ago.

Phantom said...

Really Metin! Can you be honest for possibly 2 seconds. Is the "educated" consensus that the word Genocide is inappropriate? Is that the fantasy world you are peddling?

Sean said...

The Internet polls are useless. There are over 70 million Turks in Turkey alone. The Armenians of the entire world are less than 10% of that (I am approximating). No matter what the poll says, it will always go the Turkish way.

Phantom said...


Calm down, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. Now that I understand better, I still disagree. The more aware one gets of the case, the more likely they are to continue believing it was a Genocide. Let's put it this way, if 90% of a sampling of 1000 Americans agrees it was a Genocide today, and you tell that 1000 to do some research and become more aware, I believe that a few of those 90% will change their minds, but I believe it more likely that more of the 10% that didn't believe it will change their minds, thus increasing the 90% to some higher percentage.

Anonymous said...


Phantom: Learn to read proper usage of the words.

When an advertiser claims 'there's nothing better than product-X,' it doesn't mean it's the best product out there. But people 'understand' it that way and drop Product-Y. All along Product-Y may have been as good, but not better as the ad claims. That's called Truth-In-Advertising . . .

Something the Diaspora doesn't have. Have you ever had a case of product envy, but did not like its 'seller'?

What I meant to say when I stated, "However, more 'aware' people, the ones who do their own due diligence, might not approve the usage of such a term," (by the way - do you think 'aware' means 'educated'?) is that more people might not approve the 'usage' of the term.

Certainly that doesn't mean the 'term' itself, and I said 'more' people, not 'most.'

Let me put it in terms that you may understand, since you seem to have a problem 'getting' to me, when a 1% goes to 2%, it is considered an increase of 'more,' it still does not mean they constitute the majority 'opinion,'

And that's what it is. An opinion.

Grow up and spend your time doing something constructive, and not destructive.

If you need help with that analogy, look it up . . .

The Armenians would be better represented if the likes of you did not end up representing its cause.

10/18/2007 10:58 AM