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14 October 2007

Turkey: "Strategic & Scrappy"

I was googling various issues when I discovered this link. An article in TIME magazine from October 15, 1951.. Turkey's population at that time: 20 million. My favorite quotes:
"We don't depend on anyone but the U.S. Norway and France aren't going to fight for Turkey, no matter what the North Atlantic Treaty says. The French wouldn't even fight for themselves in the last war. But the U.S. will fight for Turkey. Even without the Americans, we aren't afraid of anyone, including the Russians. But having the Americans with us makes it better."
-Surreya Agaoglu
"It was the troops in Korea that paved the way [into NATO]. Had the unit not been sent to Korea, Turkey would have remained a second-rate state."
-Ahmet Emin Yalman
"Don't feel sorry for us, Mr. Ambassador... This is a most wonderful thing for Turkey. Since World War II, the world has been saying that Turkish soldiers were no good. Now the world will know we can fight, and will fight."
-Fuat Koprulu, Foreign Minister of Turkey, in response to U.S. Ambassador George Wadsworth's condolences for losing 25% of the Turkish brigade sent to fight in Korea
"Politically, one thing is sure. No matter which party controls the government, it will be antiCommunist. No Turkish political leader in sight would alter that course. Actually, Turkey is more anti-Russian than antiCommunist. In Greece, the opposite is true, but the Turk, who has fought the Moskof 13 times in the past 400 years, would hate and fight him whether he were a Communist, monarchist or playing third base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here, of all countries in the world, is the one we need never worry about doublecrossing us to the enemy."
-author of article
"We've got six of the prettiest little armored brigades you ever saw... They're really more like the German Panzer division. They're wonderful...the best army in all of Europe"
-George Wadsworth, speaking of the Turkish army the US helped build
"But if there's a brawl, you can be sure of one thing—Turkey won't stand off as it did in World War II. Turkey has a good strong fist that'll bloody any nose that comes poking out from behind the Iron Curtain."
-author of article


Finduk O. said...

The Korean War is actually the only topic that I have come across where people who know about it approach me with positive things to say about Turks. Of course, how positive a thing is "you guys sure know how to fight"? :) It's sort of sad, actually.

What's sadder yet is that the Turkish units were in front of the Americans and the Turkish soldiers were immediately killed off--sort of like a buffer protecting American soldiers.

Lastly, when it comes to NATO, from what I understand (would have to research it more though) supposedly president Menderes said all of the weapons that we own (like anything military, at all) could be considered belonging to NATO. He did this because when he did this he got financial aid (the country got money).

The result of saying that every single military object you posses belongs to another entity instead of your own country was that when the Turkish government wanted to stop the killings in Cyprus they could not send weapons like Greeks sent weapons to the Greek Cypriots. Then when they actually went in to Cyprus, it was worse than anything Greece had been doing up until then because Turkey was actually using NATO equipment wihtout it being an official NATO movement into Cyprus.


Murat Altinbasak said...

Finduk, Turkey's participation in the Korean War is something all Turks should be proud of. I wish I could meet some Turkish veterans of the Korean War. Of those who are still alive, most are in their seventies by now. They shouldn't be forgotten, and neither should those who gave their lives 50+ years ago.

NOMAD said...

The French wouldn't even fight for themselves in the last war

yeah, that fits the anglo-saxons to tell such a BS, but Eisenhower told that the french resistance did help as if it was equal to 15 divisions for the disembarquement though