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08 October 2007

Turkey to Syria: no permission for Israel to attack using Turkish airspace

Is this a promise we can keep? Will Israel seek permission? What can/will Turkey do to stop them? Write a nasty letter to Ehud Olmert? Why are we coddling a hostile neighbor which is known to incubate terrorists against both Israel and Turkey? 
Turkey's Foreign Minister Ali Babacan (C) gestures as he arrives at Palestinian Authority headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah October 8, 2007. Turkey assured the Damascus government on Sunday it would not let Israel use its airspace to strike Syria after an Israeli raid heightened tension in the Middle East. REUTERS/Loay Abu Haykel (WEST BANK)


Anonymous said...

By the way, Turkey approved Israel's last attack into Syria. And Syria might have done the same. It was supposedly to do with North Korea and 'nuclear' shipments . . .

Does Israel really need to use Turkish airspace to attack Syria. Geographical rubik's cube?

That's like saying Canada will not allow the USA to use its airspace to attack Mexico. But then again, who cares about what Canada says anyway??

Murat Altinbasak said...

Except for my Canadian readers, they're all a bunch of hosers..

Ardent said...

I can't understand why Turkey let Israel use its airspace to attack Syria recently. I don't think that was a wise decision, surely the Turks would of been aware of what the Israeli jets were up to.

Why do you hate Canadians???

Anonymous said...

Why would Isreal waste the gas and time by lying north past Syria just to fly into Turkish airspace to attack Syria? Isreal doesn't give a shit who's airspace they violate. If they are going to attack Syria, they will take the most direct route!

Anonymous said...

You're right Anonymous. That was precisely my point.

However, I think Turkey was 'consulted' by Israel that an excursion near Turkey's border (even though it as within Syria) was going to take effect.

And so far the Syrians, as well as Bush, have been all too silent about this supposedly North Korean shipments of some sort.

Maybe it was Chinese made toys being shipped to Mattel??? All that 'lead' can't be any good!