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22 October 2007

Turkey vows to defeat PKK rebels

"Turkey's leaders have vowed to "pay any price" to defeat terrorism after the latest attack by Kurdish rebels, which killed at least 12 soldiers."
"In clashes following the ambush near the Iraqi border, 32 PKK rebels were killed, the military said."
Profile: The PKK.. Ever heard of the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons?.. or the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK)? Yeah, these parasites are dividing and multiplying.
"Nationalist demonstrators march with Turkish flags in Istanbul to demand action against the Kurdish rebel group, the PKK, after it launched an attack from across the Iraqi border killing Turkish troops." (BBC)
Ha! such demonstrators anyplace else would not be called "nationalists". If a desire to defend our borders and our citizens from low-life Kurdish thugs is a "nationalist" pastime, sign me up for lifetime membership, please.


mirdifderya said...

If they want their independence they should do it with more civilised way, starting with putting Iraqi flag. They carry the Kurdistan flag only, no Iraqi civilian can enter Kurdistan without something like a visa and they have residency laws for the Iraqis, they consider themselves another country and depending on that they behave, why do they want the Iraqi government to do something now? Aren't they another country with a flag and a complete government?

Lets face it; before American’s invasion to Iraq when Turkey didn’t let Americans enter the Iraq from the north, Kurds are the ones open their gates with an agreements of helping out their freedom as well as with all American army tools, that’s why America is now struggling between Turkey and Kurds. They have promises to Kurds and also don’t want to loose their strajetic air base Incirlik within Turkey.

Turkish government’s aim isn’t invading Kurdistan region or have no eye within the Iraqi soils at all, for many centuries they always have great relations with Iraqi people, they want to vanish PKK terrorist.

Anonymous said...

8 embarassing!