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31 October 2007

Turkish soldiers with armored vehicle in Sirnak

Turkish soldiers dismount from their armoured vehicle to start a routine patrol as they search for possible roadside mines in the southeastern Turkish province of Sirnak, October 31, 2007. (TURKEY) REUTERS/Osman Orsal


Finduk O. said...

this is sort of off topic, but i really love photos that capture someone in midmotion or in the air. i'm not too into soccer but i LOVE photos of players that are up in the air, with their eyes shut and a grimace on their faces, anticipating the moment the soccer ball will hit their head/forehead. the power of photography, in my mind, is best seen in moments like that, that you cant discern that well with the naked eye...

Metin said...

Who is the 'civilian' in the picture...and why is he there? Is he an embedded reporter, or Geraldo without his toupee?

Anonymous said...

That's a good way to break your ankle.

Finduk O. said...

metin, he is probably a "village guard" (koy koruyucusu).
civilians in southeastern turkey get a monthly salary (it's actually more than a teacher's salary, straight out of college though) just for keeping their eyes/ears open for terrorists.

i dont know where you live but in my area in maryland there are "neighborhood security watch"es. there are signs on the roads that say this neighborhood is under a security watch which means its inhabitants will call the cops at the first sign of something funny.

that is what village guards are. but they also get trained and armed by the government, aside from their salary.

every now and then you hear in the news that village guards have been arrested for helping both sides (of course theyre getting arrested for helping the side of the PKK), but there are bad apples everywhere.

mostly these are people who are willing to give up their lives to protect their village.

Hans said...

you sound like a warrior...

Metin said...

Where I live, in Southern California, we alert each other when there's nothing funny happening.


These village guards are probably getting paid by both sides . . . double agents maybe?

Anonymous said...

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Sean said...

One thing I don't get: about 2 weeks ago, Turkey was saying "if Armenian Genocide resolution passes, we will attack Iraq." Well, the resolution has been placed on the back burner, yet, Turkey is still threatening to attack. So, what gives?

I think the Turkish government is saying one thing publicly to the media (ready to attack), and another privately to the US government (don't worry, we aren't going anywhere). I think that Turkey will never do a full scale attack into Iraq, because of the fear of ending up like the recent war between Israel and Lebanon. If Turkey goes in, and isn't 100% successful, the government can't use the threat for the next 50 years. So, if they are going to go in, they have to be 100% sure that it will work. If the US wasn't able to do it in Iraq, than the chances are very high that Turkey won't be any more successful.

What's really interesting for me is that the majority of the Turkish people appear to be ready to attack, even though the military and the government may not be. Will the Turks force their government and military into a war that they can't win? If so, this could result in some interesting consequences of the Turkey.

Metin said...

Sean: "about 2 weeks ago, Turkey was saying 'if Armenian Genocide resolution passes, we will attack Iraq.' " seems like the media has gotten the best of you too Sean.

Turkey has been dealing with the PKK and rumors of an operation into Iraq have been talked about or insinuated the entire time prior to any "Genocide' resolution.

It was the U.S. Congress which felt that the timing of bringing it into a vote at the committee was proper as it would tie the Turkish intent into the Armenian 'Genocide' vote, and react.

And Turkey fell victim to being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

By putting to vote in its parliament regarding the Iraq operation to eradicate PKK, (not as an attack of Kurds of Iraq), it knew the vote would be seen as a reaction to the 'Genocide' vote. But so be it they said, So what? In fact, some of the deputies may have voted due to the "Genocide' versus Genocide debate going on at the time.

Bottom Line:

Neither the U.S. Congress' (timely) vote of the committee, nor the Turkish parliament's vote of the operation into Iraq were about the Armenians or the 'Genocide.'

It was about a script to engage some other parties into the 'War in Iraq,' as part of the 'War on Terror,' both of which are exclusive to the U.S. and its interests in the region.

Besides, what a great way to engage Iran into the mix, by disguising Iran as a friend of Turkey, as it to wants to fight the PKK.

However, the Turkish government knew to do the right thing, and showed restraint. It knew once a few days pass, the Turkish people's rage and anger would subside after all the rhetoric. And so it seems like it did.

And the face saving for the Turkish government is currently being displayed as Turkey pretends that the U.S. is entering into the mix of calming Turkey down by sending its Secy of State to Ankara, as well as the upcoming trip of Erdogan to the U.S., as part of more rhetoric, all part of a pre-conceived script.

Armenian?...'Genocide'?...I don't think all this has anything to do with either. They are not so important of an issue right now, and never have been. They, and those cards, just get 'played' sometimes in order to address the more important issues.

Let us not fall victim to the plot. Keep reminding ourselves this is only a movie...but based on real events of the future.