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01 October 2007

U.S., Iraqi civilian deaths fall sharply

"...The decline signaled a U.S. success in bringing down violence in Baghdad and surrounding regions since Washington completed its infusion of 30,000 more troops on June 15.
A total of 64 American forces died in September — the lowest monthly toll since July 2006.
The decline in Iraqi civilian deaths was even more dramatic, falling from 1,975 in August to at least 988 last month, a decline of 50 percent, according to an AP tally. The civilian death toll has not been so low since June 2006, when 847 Iraqis died..."
What bullshit! Hey only 64 Americans and only 988 Iraqis died in September! Great success!?!?!?!? Or just a reduction of failure?
Ooooh.. how dramatic! Infuse this.. 


Anonymous said...

The operative word in the AP tally is "civilian" deaths.

At this rate, given that there may only be 25 million or so Iraqis left in Iraq, give or take about 70 years before they are all gone.

Then we can finally bring the 'original' troops, not just the 'surge' troops, home!

Murat Altinbasak said...

Iraqis are killing each other at rates which would otherwise define a civil war. It's just done more efficiently with bombs instead of muskets. I wonder how many Iraqis have migrated to Turkey, or if they're even accepted as refugees? I suspect that Turkey is curbing this as much as possible.