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25 October 2007

We want YOU! .. to draft us into the Turkish Army

Symbolic gestures born of grief, anger and frustration? Do they know they won't be enlisted and so make a show of wanting to join the fight? I guess it's the thought that counts.. Does it? From the looks of these courageous Turks, they've already completed their compulsory service, and want back in. The army is flush with soldiers as it is.. and supporting them with money, equipment, weapons, room and board is a major part of Turkey's budget already. I'll bet they can barely afford to cover the cost of draftees who turn 18.. so accepting an influx of 30 and 40-somethings who have an axe to grind would be poor judgment indeed.. Still, my heart grows at the show of support for Turkey's military.
Protesters demand to be drafted by the army in front of a military recruitment office in Istanbul, October 24, 2007, to protest against the killing of Turkish soldiers by Kurdish rebels. Turkish warplanes and troops have attacked Kurdish rebels inside Iraq and forces were being built up on the border, but Ankara was holding back from any major strike for now, military sources said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Fatih Saribas


Finduk O. said...

i like your post title.
it made me grin.
which is saying a lot because there really isn't anything to grin about when it comes to this topic.

Hans said...

murat, I want you for the Tour de France? D'accord?.))

Finduk O. said...

hans, if you know about biking, since you're in istanbul, any idea how i can get my dad a good/high quality hybrid bike here?
he was contemplating buying one in the States, using it a little bit (so you dont try to bring a brand new bike into Turkey, evidently that makes some sort of difference) and then packing it back up and bringing it here. you know of any good turkish bike stores? and what bike would you (or YOU, murat) recommend?

He used to do about 17 miles, rest a bit, and do another 17 miles back home, every day. Mainly on bike trails (the trail ends at the Potomac river in Washington DC, very pretty) and city streets.

He wants to do that sort of stuff, maybe on a smaller scale, if possible. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Murat I already looked at your wife's webpage for a bike :) Too small for Dad :)

Murat Altinbasak said...

Hans, that dreamed died when I was 19 or 20, when I had to hang up the bike and join the real world, taking a position in the family business. Painful. Now I just compete with elite guys who are around my age, and the occasional pro-am event where I'm pretty much "pack fodder"..
finduk, why not bring a bike from the US? I do it all the time, using a bike case. You can simply buy a bike and pay $40 for THY to check it as baggage. Probably safer to do this with a slightly used bike, to avoid any potential customs costs.
If you want a hybrid, may I suggest a good cyclocross bike? They're good on paved roads as well as off-road. they're lighter and more responsive than mountain bikes, and more comfortable than road bikes.. He can go off road all he wants with it. Here's a picture of my Fuji Cross Pro:
If you buy a quality bike in Turkey, you will get ripped off. I can get you a discount on a bike through my sponsor, have it shipped right to his house if you want.

Finduk O. said...

thanks murat, i'll show my dad the bike pic link and look into crosspro. could you send me a quick/blank email to ? that way i can send you dad's address in maryland if he decides to go with crosspro.

the seats are racer seats (you're going to say no duh right) and if i'm not mistaken dad's particular about the seat because (he's old, for one) he cant get too much distance/time on certain seats. but i guess he can always change the seat if need be.

thanks again for your help on it. he'll be over in maryland in a couple of weeks (until after thanksgiving) so he wants to make sure he takes care of this bike thing once and for all.

we went to all the bike shops in izmir and he couldnt find the type of bike he was looking for at all, and like you said, i think the prices were pretty ridiculous...

Hans said...

finduk, no Dutch bikes in tr..((
gazelle and union are good.
Murat, get rid of these 'elite' guys, let them smoke hash...then they will be not elite anymore..))

jerry said...

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