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15 November 2007

China Reaps what it Sows.. Sex selection = More gay people!

How ironic that in a country where homosexuality is treated as a disease and where researchers are trying to find a cure, there are about 18 million more men of marriage age than there are women, thanks to sex-selective-abortions. They unwittingly perpetuate their own "problem" in a way, don't you think?
Boys stand in line in the toilet at a kindergarten in Baokang, central China's Hubei province November 14, 2007. China has 18 million more men of marriageable age than women, the result of sex-selective abortions in a country that has traditionally placed more value on boys, state media reported on Tuesday. REUTERS/Stringer


Ardent said...

I watched a documentary recently on this subject. Not only do men out number the women, the women are now becoming more educated and alot more selective regarding the appropriate male partner. Rural men especially are finding it hard to get a partner.

Should China go to war with the West, at least they have ample men to fill the military.

Murat Altinbasak said...

China could build a bridge over the Pacific to the UNited States, simply by throwing bodies into the ocean and filling it from the bottom up.

How about the black market organ trade? The organ harvesting going on in Chinese prisons? China executes more people than all other countries combined, and from a documentary I saw today, the executed are thrown in an ambulance face down and their torso cut open while still warm, to get the kidneys.