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23 November 2007

Dede the Indonesian "Tree Man"

Here's a follow up story from CNN: Cause of Treeman's Bark like growths revealed
Kosawa said the warts began to appear after he got a cut on his skin as a teenager.
Dr. Anthony Gaspari, an American dermatologist, traveled to Indonesia to examine Kosawa.
Doctors believe Dede Kosawa's unusual appearance occurred because of a immune defect and HPV.
(CNN) -- For 20 years, the warts studding Dede Kosawa's hands and feet multiplied and sprouted like gnarled roots. His hands looked like contorted, yellow-brown branches extending 3 feet. Unable to clamp his hands into a fist or pick up a fork, he made his living by performing in carnivals in rural Indonesia. He became known as the Treeman. More

Dede, 35, with gnarled growths sprouting from his hands and feet, sits in front of his house in the village of Tanjung Jaya, West Java province, November 21, 2007. Dede hopes a doctor in the United States will be able to treat the horn-like extensions that started appearing on his body when he was a teenager and which earned him the "tree man" moniker. (INDONESIA)


Ardent said...

There must be a cure because they cured a man in Eastern Europe with the same condition.

If you want to read about it.

I hope that they can cure this man too.

jozseffrd said...

hello There was a Man in Vietnam with the identical Warts he had it for over 40 yrs.They kept operating on him but each time the Warts grew back faster and bigger.Finally a Buddhist Monk heard about this poor man's Hellish life and he went to the Man's Village he stayed 5 months he used a very,very strong brew of Green Tea and Hydrogen Peroxide mix while it was still fairly hot he soaked his feet and hand/arms for 1 hr and I think they eventually made a full body wooden bath tub anyway he soked his whole body up to 10 times a day that's 10 hours.Also he drank 12-20 cups of the strong Green Tea.The Man said after about 2 weeks he started feeling much better he basically stopped rotting and the terrible smell of the Decayed mater started to go away about 2 and a half months and the smaller warts started to fall out or he was able to just pull'em right out with it's roots and finally after 3 months the the large Cutaneous Horns are fell and pulled out by the end of 5 months he only had a batch of 7 Cutaneous Horns at the back of his Head and those fell out within the next year with him only drinking Green Tea.It was a great story I enjoy watching it.It was a real happy ending.This guy sent a few letters to Dede the Tree Man but I guess he trusts his doctors better.Well soon enough Dede will realize that these Doctors just making it worse by keep Operating on him twice a year.I hope that Dede will go on this Green Tea/Peroxide Therapy and within a year he can live as a normal person for the rest of his life God Bless Dede

Jose said...