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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

25 November 2007

Excellent LikeaBike Video from the UK

When my wife and I chose to proceed with starting a retail business selling children's bikes, we had the bike racing community in mind as a starting point. It made sense to market a high end children's bike to people who spend $1000 on a wheelset, or $300 on a carbon seatpost, or $3500 on a frameset. I guess I consider us collectively to be the LAST people on earth to settle for a cheap knock-off of anything bike related, especially for our kids. That said, let me present you with the finest LikeaBike video production I've ever seen. It's owned by a LikeaBike retailer in the UK, so I doubt they will hardly mind if my little blog or my little company use it. Bravo.
In case you're in the market for a LikeaBike, please give our website a look. Buy local. Support a fellow blogger/bike racer. Join the racing team and buy your LikeaBike for cost plus 10%. Here's the vid:


Mike said... here, creators of the video. We are delighted that you are using it and helping spread the word for LIKEaBIKE quality in the face of a lot of cheap and nasty 'fakes' from the Far-East. The aluminium LIKEaBIKE Jumpers used for the ocean shots show no adverse signs of their salty ordeal - a real endorsement of the quality of all their components, not just the frame.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Mike, thanks for the vote of confidence. Your video is excellent, and it distinguishes LikeaBike as the undisputed leader of the run-bike industry. I've posted the video on my other two blogs. The Jumper is indeed an indestructible work of art. We checked ours as baggage this past summer! No worries. Thanks for the video.