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06 November 2007

Turkey to change law curbing free speech

Article 301 getting overhauled?


Metin said...

Thank God!!!

Finally, a reason to go back to the mosque to give thanks to this 'Islamist' party.

AKP all the way! They're very 'progressive' in my opinion, and unfortunately labeled as 'Islamist' due to their leadership's religious (yet non-'fundamentalizing') convict-ions.

Gulay said...

well, i would not quite go that far Metin but lets see what the change the law to before we celebrate too much.....also bear in mind that in the last couple of years many laws have change on paper but the corresponding change in attitude has not happened as the EU report mentions....

Metin said...


These changes should not be only for the sake of EU anyway. These changes are for the good of Turks and Turkey.

I still think we should give it some time. I have faith. The world is ever changing. And the new generations will make sure we still don't live in the seventies.


and I also want to Galatasaray fans think alike!!!

Gulay said...

well of course.....

Murat Altinbasak said...

"Thank God!!!"
Humanity would do well to thank Itself more often, instead of something which has caused more death and misery than everything else put together.
Surviving religion should be considered an accomplishment.. a triumph over something seemingly designed to 'thin the herd'.
Yup, I'm in one of those moods.
Thanking AKP might be more fitting, Metin.. though I know you were just using the G word for emphasis.

Metin said...

I've joined Sufism and Rumi in my spiritual non-organized religiousness awareness kind of way that transcends all religions, and encompasses even those who won't believe.

maybe i'll finally be saved . . .

Sean said...

This will never happen. The amendment will be insignificant. it will be years and a lot more pressure from EU before 301 is finally thrown out, if ever. This is just another Turkish tactic to give the appearance that Turkey is moving closer to EU.

What's the deal with putting the 8 soldiers in jail? how weird is that? who are the clowns making these decisions?