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01 December 2007

Fatih Akin wins again with "Auf der anderen Seite"

Not only do they mis-spell his name, they also dismiss his Turkishness. Oh well.. Fatih's latest hit movie "Auf der anderen Seite" (The Edge of Heaven) earned him the distinction of "Best European Screenwriter". So what's "The Edge of Heaven" all about? It's won four awards including at Cannes, so I need to get my hands on a copy and find out.
German director Fathi Akin poses with his trophy after the European film award ceremony in Berlin December 1, 2007. Akin won the European film award for best "European Screenwriter 2007" for his film "Auf der anderen Seite" (The Edge of Heaven). REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke (GERMANY)


Metin said...

I think this guy is too happy that his 'Turkishness' never comes up.

Another one of those Turks who are ashamed of themselves I guess, at least according to some circles.

At least by those who believe someone who refuses to serve his mandatory obligation to the Turkish Armed Forces is quite embarrassing.

I say the true test of his global talent can only be measured when he becomes a household name, like in the United States.

And why is his 'Muslimness' never questioned either. It seems that the only time someone's being Muslim ever comes up is when that someone has committed an offensive act . . .


Finduk O. said...

gosh metin, interesting point about "muslimness" except i think that the offensive acts committed are done so in the name of islam (however much they skew the religion's original meaning/aims/goals is another debate)
but the movie that fatih akin wrote, is written with a very german and turkish point of view of the world. maybe there is no need to bring up his turkisness if his germanity (yes, i just made that up) is never brought up. but the two different backgrounds that this guy has appears in all of his works, just because that is who he is.
anyway, just wanted to make a point about the muslim comment metin made. i am sure a muslim who does some sort of art or act that is fresh, bright, creative or positive in the general, then that dude's muslimness will come up if he does this positive thing with his islamic religion as the catalyst, as the driving force behind it.

Metin said...


I agree with your point! My bad ... maybe ...

but you do have to admit in some cases where an offensive act (not done in the name of religion, like a criminal act - bank robbery, rape, murder, burglary, traffic infraction, lewdnes, etc. etc.) is committed by a 'Muslim,' his religion is still mentioned.

But I do agree with you that his 'Germanity' was not brought up either. And that may be because the Turks in Germany are considered as part of Germany and 'Germanity.' Or at least I hope so.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Metin, the captin names him as a 'German' director.
I sort of agree with you.. if he was a troublemaker of any sort, they would be sure to impress upon everyone that he was a Turk or a Muslim.

Murat Altinbasak said...

sorry. 'caption'

Ardent said...

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I hope that you can find time to comply with this request. Look forward to reading your response.