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29 December 2007

Meet Olivia and Nathan Anderson

Here, do the math:
"In this small room, witnessing this horror, was 6-year-old Olivia Anderson and her 3-year-old brother, Nathan. We alleged that McEnroe spoke to each child and apologized for what he was about to do. The evidence will show that McEnroe then shot each child in the head from very close range," said Satterberg.
The court documents indicate the couple tried to flee to Canada after the killings, but returned to the scene the following day for some reason, where they were detained and confessed.

So let me get this straight.. This loser girl (Michele Anderson) and her boyfriend (Joseph McEnroe) pre-meditate a plan to kill her parents, on Christmas eve, of all days. After shooting them both to death, they drag the bodies to the shed (you must be fucked in the head and high on dope to get this far, BTW).. then they ambush her brother and his immediate family, (who were visiting to celebrate CHRISTMAS) which included her brother's wife and two children, aged 3 and 6.. After offing her brother over some money issue which I'm sure was in the few hundred dollar range.. she shoots her sister in law to death, who by the way.. begged for them to have mercy and not kill her or her two children... Then lowlife Joe McEnroe, this piece of shit Target employee.. gets down on his knees to engage the wailing and terrified toddler and child, and he apologizes IN ADVANCE before blowing their brains out. He does this.. to avoid being caught, to leave no one living who might possibly ID him and his loser girlfriend (who he met online). The IRONY of the story? Read the words in RED, above.. and hope that this IRONY haunts every fucking moment of the rest of their miserable fucking lives. Full Story
Death penalty? I'm always against it, except for when children are involved.. because if you cannot show mercy to innocent babies and children, then you are not a person.. you are some kind of parasitic demonic animal,.. too dangerous and too frightening to let live.


Gulay said...

And still you will hear that "guns do not kill people, its the person who pulls the trigger" and "we need guns to protect ourselves" from the NRA and the other fuckwits who believe that possesion of guns is allowed by the my question is to what militia did these pieces of shit belong. Guns kill, and they should be controlled. The death penalty is too good for these two, maybe mutilation and then being incarcerated every day for the rest of their lives in stocks in the main street for everyone to vent their spleen against them...but some liberal prick would probably decide that is cruel and unusual...well so is shooting kids.

Finduk O. said...

i agree with gulay. and i'm quite a liberal :) agree with gulay completely.

check the below out. totally TOTALLY creeped me out.
He asked about his family — his mother and siblings in Minneapolis and an aunt and cousins in California. McEnroe stopped talking to them five years ago after a financial dispute with his mother.

“I never really realized how much I need my family. God, how did I ever get in this situation, you know?” he said.

“Tell them I love them, all of them.”

The man who is accused of ending the Christmas Eve killings by shooting 3- and 5-yearold children in the head asked about a cousin in California who was “always like my big sister.” Told she now has a 5-year-old daughter, he said, “I hope she’s safe.”


nhrider said...


You can't really believe that guns are the problem. Regulating guns only interferes with law abiding people, not criminals. The right to bear arms is constituionally protected until such a time that the US Government changes that with a law. Acording to your rational, any object that can be used to kill should be controlled by the government? Where does your argument end? I own several firearms and only use them for shooting clay pigeons. I am not a criminal.

It is the individual(s) who kill Gulay, not the object. I agree with you completely that the death penalty is too good for them. They should suffer a long slow (years) painful death for their crimes.

Gulay said...

nhrider, read your constitution.....the right to bear arms is for the purpose of a well regulated militia and was written 200 years ago when there was no standing army or police...I am not in favor of total gun ban, if you need one (farmer with bear problems) or are a sportsman fair far as I can see these murderers were to all intents and purposes law abiding citizens...who got upset and offed six people....they are criminals now...why because they had such easy access to guns....

Anonymous said...

because of a few rotten apples, doesn't mean we ban the fruit(s) . . . no pun intended.

i sure would like to have my gun under my pillow when idiots who rely on the justice system to set them free end up trespassing my constitution.

i am not in favor of gun control. but i AM in favor of not allowing people with guns to getaway with murder.

death penalty is too good for these people. instead, why don't we let the 'legal' gun owners practice their shots blindfolded for about an hour in an open field in a game of hit-and-miss-and-hit!

nhrider said...

Do you think your gun ban or regulation would have stopped these idiots? I don't!

Mentin, I agree with you 110%

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to All!

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of our lives . . .

To health, happiness, and hope . . .

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Murat, terrible story.
Anyway, wish you and your family a good 2008!!

mr price said...
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