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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

03 December 2007

Prescription Drug Rip-off & Radio Advertising

Explain this to me:
My father gets a 30 day supply (180 pills) of Vicodin for $11.69 at Rite Aid. (he has no insurance) My dentist gives me a seven day supply (15 pills) of the same exact drug, and I pay CVS Pharmacy a $20 CO-PAY!?!?!? What the fuck is wrong here? According to Rite Aid's pricing, my 15 pills should have cost me 97 cents. I'm going to CVS tomorrow to ask for my money back. Mark my words.. The health insurance industry is a JOKE. My wife went to her doctor the other day to get a very sore throat looked at. They told her to go home and take Advil.. Fuck you! Pardon me.. actually the doctor couldn't be bothered so the RN tends to my wife. Then we get a notice in the mail telling us that our insurance was billed $80, and that we owe them a $20 Co-Pay.. This will not stand. Not on my watch. You don't charge $80 just because you told someone to take Advil. Prescribe some antibiotics for Christ's sake you fornicator of hard working Americans!
And while I'm fired up I may as well list some of the companies I will NEVER do business with because of their "you're a retard" advertising on the radio:
Belden Jewelers, Tarbox Hyundai/Toyota etc, My Free Laptop dot com, Pride Ford/Hyundai, Kay Jewelers, and any company with ads in which an inanimate object like a box of cereal "speaks" and says "Hi, I'm a box of cereal" and any car dealer who hires a deep throated asshole who sounds like he's announcing the end of the world. You've insulted the intelligence of radio listeners for too long. You're black-listed. You suck balls. I'll add more loser companies as the mood strikes. Belden and Kay, I hate you especially. I would sooner stab myself in the eye with my letter opener than buy a watch battery from you.

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Ardent said...

My goodness you sound really pissed.

Somehow I don't think you will be getting your money back from CVS tomorrow. In Australia once medication has left the Pharmacy, they will not accept it back.

The Doctor probably did best not to prescribe your wife anti-biotics, as Anti-biotics are prescribed far too often and the human body is building resistance to it. So one day when you really need anti-biotics the drug will have no effect. Sore throat, flu or Cold the best recipe is lemon tea, soup, lots of fluids and rest. Forget about seeing a doctor, its a waste of time, waste of energy and waste of money. I hope your wife is feeling better.